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They left her in front of Tim’s study. She knocked and it was Tyler who opened the door. She did feel a bit nervous when she saw Tim, his wife, his brother, Tyler, and Alpha Seth all around the room. The three adults were confused as the Alpha and Beta looked like she did something wrong. Seth looked ready to kill. “Um, you asked for me?”

“I did.” Even his voice sounded dangerous. “Have a seat.” Gracie did so.

When she was seat Seth decided to start from the beginning, looking at his parents. “Tyler and I have found out more information about Mud. After her headache two days ago and her speaking Romanian, we contacted the Headmaster to get information about any packs in Romania. There was one: the Blood pack.” Blood pack? That sounded familiar to Gracie.

“So Mud may come from this pack. That’s great news, can we contact them?” Catrina asked.

Seth shook his head. “The pack was destroyed 13 years ago after an attack on them.” Catrina gasped as Gracie suddenly remembered the name. The pack her father could not get. The pack he wanted gone. Seth’s black eyes on her showed he knew as well, “they were attacked by your pack Gracie.”

“That is absurd,” Tim shouted, standing up. “We have no evidence of something that has happened 13 years ago.”

“But when has the Headmaster ever lied Tim?” Daniel countered, wanting his brother shut up so he could hear the rest. Catrina had to calm Tim down so he was sitting back in his chair.

“The members of the pack either died fighting or fled and were never heard from. The next part pertains to Mud.”

“How so?”

Seth sighed, hating this. “The Alpha and Luna of the pack were found dead on their boat that was drifting in the sea. It was said they had a daughter that never was found.”

Catrina gasped again as the two brothers’ eyes were wide. “We think that they were running to America when they found our island and decided to camp out for the night.” Seth turned back to Gracie, “the Fire pack must have followed and killed them. Mud was able to escape but fell and hit her head, being found by Roger and spending the next 13 years without any knowledge of who she is.” He walked to her. “If you value your life you will tell me all you know.”

Gracie nodded, scared. “I can’t remember a lot.”

“You better try.” Seth growled in her face. Tyler had to pull him back, despite that was not a smart thing to do with an angry Alpha. “Seth, I know you’re mad but you have to remember she was just a kid when this happened. Gracie please tell if there is anything you remember.” Catrina had to jump in.

Gracie sighed. “I remember that pack. My father wanted that pack and so tried to arrange a marriage like us but instead it was supposed to be with my brother and the Alpha’s daughter, who was six at the time. The Alpha refused and I remember my father was very angry. Then one night he and a bunch of the warriors gathered outside and father spoke that if they refused him, they must be gone. I didn’t see him for a week and when he came back he did not speak of anything. I didn’t know anything.” Gracie took a deep breath, feeling as if she got something off her shoulder. She figured she would be guilty telling on her father but yet she seemed happier she did.

“Yeah right. You asked to stay here a few more weeks since Mud arrived. Why was that?”

Looking at Tim Gracie knew she could not say the same thing. “I wanted to know Mud alright. I know I am not the only one who feels her powers tug at me. Every time I tried to fight it I grew weaker and when I accepted it it seemed like some of her power transformed into me. She is special.” Tim was glaring, obviously not pleased that she was not here for her father’s mission. But hearing Mud was an Alpha’s daughter and possible princess did make up for it.

Daniel began chuckling. “I can see you’re innocent and I know Seth does as well. Mud has that effect on everyone, but this puts us in a tough situation because if your father wanted the pack that bad and if he finds out Mud is the daughter that got away it won’t be pretty.”

“No one’s getting near Mud.” Seth growled.

Daniel ignored him as he thought of something. “How old your brother?”

“He looks 21 but he’s been a live a lot longer than that.” “So he was 21 when your father wanted to do the arrange marriage right?” Gracie nodded. “There we go. If your brother is as close to your father’s plan then we can find out what happened from him. Do you think you can bring him here?”

“Uncle Daniel.” Seth snarled. Just the thought that someone tried to give his Mud to someone else made his wolf ready to kill. “I don’t want him here.”

“Oh hush Seth this is the only way to see how much danger Mud is in if Gracie’s father still wants her. Gracie, can you get him over?”

Gracie nodded, remembering her phone call. “You may go and do not tell Mud anything.” Gracie bowed and left the room, relieved to be out of there. But when she turned she saw Connie and Selena leaning against the wall. “What the..” They both put their finger over their mouth and the three walked away. “We understand you had nothing to do with the past but now we have to think of my new sister.” Selena spoke. The two are left out of everything that they had to sneak around just to know.

“I know. And I can get my brother here by next week.”

“What is your brother like?” Connie asked as they walked towards the game room. Gracie began thinking. “He’s the best. He’s nice and funny.”

“What does he look like?”

“He has long dark brown hair, he’s tall, oh and his eyes are strange because one is brown and the other is blue.”

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