Weddings, Frat Boys, and Sorority Spies, Oh My!

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Chapter 1

"Well, girls, what do you think?"

I tapped my chin thoughtfully as Addy stepped up onto the pedestal, being wary of the ginormous wedding gown she wore. It was silk with a sweetheart neckline, ruched bodice, and mermaid skirt. Honestly, I know probably the least about dress shopping. I'm here to support Addy and help her. She is the one getting married, after all. It's her special day. It may be September, but I'm still shocked about the engagement between my foster father and my foster mother. I opened my mouth to speak but Ariana piped in before me. I sat back.

"I think the skirt should be a bit fuller. You have such a nice figure, Addy, you should show it off."

I chuckled. Ariana sideways glared at me punching my arm. On my left hand side, Tiyana sat on the couch, stifling laughter. I gave her what I hoped was a decent shut-up glare. She shut up. Satisfied, I turned back to Addy. She turned to examine herself in the mirror. The dress assistant, a sixteen year old girl named Carley, stood by the mirror, waiting for a command.  

"I do like the top of the dress but, I agree with Ariana, the bottom isn't exactly what I want." Addy said.

Carley nodded, smiling and holding out a hand to help Addy climb down from the pedestal. Ariana pulled out her brand new iPhone (her last one got destroyed from a "minor" accident...okay, I accidentally dropped it from the roof of the White House Don't judge me, it was an accident) and logged on to Twitter. 

New York City, bitches! #newyork 

I chuckled, slaping my forehead with the palm of my hand.

"Shut up." Ariana laughed as she locked her phone and placed it in her lap. 

I sighed, relaxing into the plush velvet couch. The velvet was a rich concord purple color that looked as beautiful and soft as it felt. I had a dress like it once. But then Preston ruined it (pudding accident.) I don't blame him....yes, I do. A little. Suddenly, my phone started chirping. I was about to pull it out when we saw Addy, positively beaming in the most beautiful wedding dress I'd ever seen. It was A-line, made of what looked like satin, and strapless. The skirt flowed out in layers, blending flawlessly together. A ivory sash sat at her waist. I knew right then that that was her dress. Ariana and Tiyana only confirmed my suspicions when they gasped and practically fell out of their seats. 

"OMG! That looks amazing, Mom!" Tiyana squealed, snapping a picture on her phone.

"You HAVE to get that one, Addy! It's perfect on you!" Ariana chimed in.

Addy giggled, something I rarely see her do. She had that look on her face that she always gets when she's extremely happy about something. 

"What do you think, Ember? Is this the dress?"

I bit my lower lip, pretending to contemplate. Everyone watched me, including Carley, in an anxious silence. I kept them in suspense for three whole minutes before speaking. 

"Yes, I do."

What followed were cheers and hugs and screaming. Yup, that's wedding dress shopping all right. Now can I go see my boyfriend? Three hours apart and I already miss him. I want my Joshua.  

(Hello Wattpadians! So, first chapter's up. How's it so far?? I would like to start out by dedicating this book to a very special person. Her name is Holly. Her account is @xxholzyxx. Holly, you are amazing! I can't even begin to think of enough words to tell you how awesome you are! I just wanted to say thank you to you personally. You've literally been with me since I first started writing Presidents, Spies, and Boys, Oh My! and have been one of the best fans I could ever ask for. I want to thank you a million times! Secondly, I'd like to thank all my other readers who have been with me since the beginning. It kills me that this is the last book- I know, it's tragic- but I wouldn't be here without you guys. Thank you all so much and, Holly, continue being awesome!) 

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