Chapter 5 ~ Punishment ~

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Chapter 5 ~ Punishment ~

“Please, he made me leave.” I begged. I felt awful and wanted to cry but kept eye contact with Master Carthwrite.

“I warned him. Blame him for your punishment.” I screamed, holding my now bleeding arm. I wondered where he got the knife from so quickly. “Next time,” he slowly ran the blade up my other arm, not enough to pierce my skin, “you won't disobey me.” My eyes betrayed me, tears flowing endlessly as he sliced my other arm. “Run to him. Run to him.” He taunted. His cold brown eyes mocked me as did the smile on his face.

I shook my head, my vision becoming blurry. Black and blue dots were splattered everywhere I looked. 'Don't give in,' I told myself over and over again. My whole body trembled while he laughed at me, not bothering to help when I fell to the floor.

Excruciating would be an understatement for the pain I was feeling. My whole body ached and to top it off, he started kicking my legs.

“Run back to him!” He shouted over and over again. “Run back to him, just like Rachel!” Rachel? He seemed to notice his mistake and stopped kicking my numb legs.

“Michael! Let me in.” Mr. Crowley pounded on the door over and over again. I groaned, barely managing to force myself to roll away from the door when it got super quiet and his pounding stop.

Master Carthwrite stood there, just watching me bleed and let out shaky breaths until something in him snapped. He unlocked the door and ran out of the room like it was filled with the plague.

“Holy! Are you alright?” My vision was completely black and I could hear Mr. Crowley's concerned voice fading.


My head throbbed and my eyes refused to open. Every inch of my body felt on fire and in pain, my arms had definitely taken the worst. A hand lightly ran over my forehead and down my right cheek in a soft caress. Their fingers felt callused but were warm and oddly comforting. The hand ever so lightly skimmed over my lips, making them part. It instantly retreated, my eyes forcing open to see who it was. The light overhead blinded me, letting whoever it was slip out before being seen.

I sighed angrily and looked around the room.

I was back in the green room on the same bed I had woken up on. Amazingly enough, it was soft and comfortable compared to the cold, hard tiles of that awful place. The covers were a matching green, blending in with the walls except for the black metal frame.

The only thing in the room was the bed and a small table with no chair to match. The extra empty air felt ghost-like, making my already aching body shiver.

I looked down at my arms; the stitches were endless. I couldn't count them past five because of losing my place. Dried blood clung to my skin as new blood flowed over the crusted crimson. I hated blood. I closed my eyes, calming myself, telling myself that it wasn't that big of a deal. My body was saying otherwise. I longed to wash it, scrubbing it off my skin till it turned raw.

Feeling as if I was tied down to the bed because strength evaded me, I stared at the ceiling. After so many beatings, I learned to deal without medicine to numb the pain. To forget the pain, I turned my thoughts to Master Carthwrite.

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