"I'm not saying it's not a good idea." Harry's voice was raspy and tired when I herd him and Niall discussing matters in the room across from me.

We had made more permanent arrangements here in Florence by moving what things we had into a house out in the country. The house sat next to a vineyard where my heart destined to go, I wanted to run through it like girls did in the movies. Despite my 99 cent dream Harry had confined me to inside the house and the backyard that held a tire swing and hammock.

I laid listening in my bedroom, the door cracked open enough to hear Niall and Harry discussing behind their closed door. Harry wanted his way with things but Niall was just as stubborn as he, Harry was meeting his match in this department.

"Then what is the problem?" Niall raised his voice slightly from being tired and irritated that he was having to argue with Harry on this matter.

"I'm not teaching her!" I could imagine Harry's movements when he said this. I pictured him running a hand through his hair and taking his eye contact away from Niall's.

"Why not?" Niall was questioning Harry's reasoning which I perked up to wanting to know his real explanation as to why he didn't want to train me. What set me apart from any other person? I knew Harry didn't take a liking to me but just because he didn't like me was not a valid reason.

He sighed loudly enough for me to hear behind the door that I watched through my own cracked open one.One shadow underneath was pacing back and forth, moving the light and shading others while it paced all around the room. I sat up in bed paying close attention to what he was going to say next.

"She has the strength of a toothpick, what difference will it make if I show her a few things? I'm not one that wastes time." Harry spoke his voice getting raspier and raspier as the night drug on. My jaw clenched and eyes narrowed at his statement, what I would give to burst through the door and prove him wrong. In essence he was saying I was weak and a waste of time his time to try and train due to his perceptions of me. I wanted to prove to him I wasn't some fragile doll, I could hold my own if I had the right tools. If Harry trained me I could help in protecting myself, I could take off the workload that Harry carried on his shoulders.

"Toothpick or not, if something like that airport situation happens again we may not be so lucky in getting her back. We can talk to Frost tomorrow about what he thinks but, I already know he's going to agree." Niall was confident in himself when he spoke to Harry, I actually took a liking to Niall. He treated me like a normal human being unlike Harry who treated me like dirt with all of his comments aimed towards my self esteem. Harry held the control because of the things he said.

Harry meant what he said, I didn't ever dare challenge that because when he said he would do something he always meant it.

"I'm going to bed." Harry responded with heavy steps towards the door. Quickly laying back down I closed my eyes and calmed my breathing in case he came in to check on me. Also if he saw me wide awake his mood would only worsen with him accusing me of yet again eavesdropping. It was true, I was eavesdropping but from his disapproval earlier today I didn't dare let him catch me again.

With only tiny slits in my eyes to see through, everything was blurry and unfocused when Harry emerged from the lit up bedroom. His figure dark in the unlit hallway as he peeked like I suspected into my bedroom. He stood in the cracked open doorway looking at my sleeping state, barely able to make out any details of his appearance he soon walked away shutting the door fully.

Opening my eyes back up I laid on my back staring at the ceiling. Tomorrow I had to show Harry that I was worth while, I had to prove to him I wasn't as weak as he thought I was. I was determined to change his perception of me. I didn't think of myself as fragile but he did and that was what I needed to change, I wanted to show him that I was able to hold my own in a fight. I wanted to learn from him how to fight properly, how to defend myself when necessary. Smirking to myself I made shapes and images out of the ceiling, something I did to help me fall asleep more easily.

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