-Riley's POV -

'You are going to be careful? I mean Sweden and even Stockholm. It's pretty far away from Birmingham. The fact that I don't have my little baby girl not by side, is driving me crazy.'

'Yes, mom, I know. And yes, I will watch out and yes I will return safe and yes you told me already that I can call you when I want to get home. And no, I won't do drugs or become an alcohol-addict', I smiled to my mother, whose cheeks were getting soflty tinted red.

She was about to cry. I saw it in her blue eyes, the eyes that were almost as blue as mine.   

Today is 20 December and I'm going on exchange to Sweden for school. Literally, I've been waiting for this day for so long. I'm that kind of teenager that is always looking for some big adventures. And at the end of last year I could chose to take an exchange and then I needed to get chosen. And it all turned out so good. Okay, I studied extra hard to get amazing grades and I took a few Swedish classes. But with my busy life, I didn't went to a lot. 

But at this moment I was about to depart to Sweden. For real I'm going to Sweden and even better Stockholm, Stockholm. The city of dreams. Okay, maybe that was just in my world. 

 But is was definitly the country and the city that's in highest ranking on my bucketlist.

When I heard for the first time that my school picked me for the exchange, I screamed all the air out of my lungs. My mom thought I had a heartattack or something like that. So she sprinted up the stairs, almost falling over every book in my room. Just to find my jumping around in my room, falling on my bed and screaming all over again.

 You couldn't imagine how happy I was, or even how happy I am.

And then a week before my depart I started packing my luggage, well that is easier said than done. Really what do you need to take with you to a country you've never been? And you don't know what is coming on your path? 

It were hard decisions.

I mean to chose between your favourite pair of All-Stars or your blinky shinny shoes? Eventually both got into my big suitcase. Like, could you chose? And probably I am going to shop there too, so hey no problems! My mom even gave some extra money to buy another suitcase, because she just knew I was about to shop there though. 

And then there was this morning with my mom almost crying, which is very cute, but also makes it hard to leave. 

It has always been only me and my mom, because my father left us right after I was born.

 And I hate to leave my mom. She means everything to me. I don't think there is another person who knows me better than her. Okay, except my best friend Sarah. Who I also needed to leave behind in Birmingham.

Really when I told her that I was about to leave to Sweden for 6 months. She almost swore me to death. She didn't understand why I would leave her here alone in Birmingham. But then again, she knew. She knew everything about me. She knew I needed something exciting in my life. 

that I really want to see something of the world. And even though the fact that I'll be more then 5 hours away from her and my mom makes both of them drive nuttsssss, but they accept the fact that this a really big step in my life, that I really love to take.

'So, your backpack is okay? You have enough money. In your suitcase is everything you need. Oh god, I just hope those months get over so quickly!', my mom said with a cracking voice. Her eyes covered in tears now were staring into mine. Please don't cry, Riley.

'No, mom, sshh.. Don't cry. I'll be back before you know. So it's like you are going to close your eyes right now and tomorrow you'll wake up and I'll be back home.', I smiled and whiped the tears away from her big blue eyes, that were even more blue because of the tears. Her mascara was ruined, but she didn't care, just like me.

I saw my mom in worser stages, than this. 

'I can believe. But come on, you need to get the airplane.', she smiled as the female voice of the departure lounge said that my flights was ready to check in. We walked together to the check in hall. There we needed to say goodbye. She couldn't get through the customhouse. 

 Damn.. I hate to say goodbye. 

'I'm going to miss you mom. I love you so so so much. I'll call you as soon as I'm with my feet on the ground from Sweden. Goodbye!'

'Promises! Love you too my little girl!', she gave me a hug. And I walked with my backpack towards the people who where about to check me in. They weren't that friendly, so it made me even get more stressed. 

When the female voice retourned on the speakers and told that we could board. I made my way as fast as I could towards my gate. 

The doors went open, the people checked my ticket another 2 times. The light flashed green, so I stepped through the door towards the plane.  

On the airplane I dropped my black backpack with buttons in the cabins above the seats from the plane. I just hope that everything is going to be fine. And that I have packed everything.

I felt a lot of stress and adrenalin rushing through my veins. God, let this be awesome!


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