Chapter 2

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I finally got to Mystreet, the house was huge. Perfect for me. I opened the house and went in. It had one kitchen, one living room, one basement, one attic, two bedrooms, one extra room, one bathroom downstairs, and one bathroom that was upstairs. It had a big backyard and it had a pool!
It was really cheap... I think it was from someone called the Chicken Shaman?

I excitedly grabbed my luggage and started to unpack some stuff. Later on a truck pulled up, probably the furniture I bought, the people then helped put the furniture away. I started to get tired.

I plopped down on the couch and just as I was going to sleep the doorbell rang. WHO IN IRENE'S NAME COULD RUIN MY NAP??!!

I sighed and got up, I opened the door to see a girl with pink hair and cat ears, a Mei'fwa? She looked like she was in a pink paint bombing.

"Hello Neighbor~Sama! My name is Kawaii~Chan! Kawaii~chan just wanted to drop by and meet Neighbor~Sama, What is Neighbor~sama's Name?" She was so bubbly.

"Uh.. Hi Kawaii~Chan my name is (Y/N)," I smiled brightly.

"That is a beautiful name!!" She giggled. We talked a bit.

"So does (Y/N)~Sama want to meet the other neighbors?" I giggled at her and nodded.

"Yay!! (Y/N)~Sama and Kawaii~Chan's friends will go to Olive Garden tomorrow," I nodded and she left. I went up to my bedroom and slept, excited for the next day.

~|Time Skip till Dinner|~

I wore some simple clothes;

And I put my hair into a (side braid, ponytail, if you have short hair you can just wear a headband) and I left my house

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And I put my hair into a (side braid, ponytail, if you have short hair you can just wear a headband) and I left my house.

Once I got out I saw Kawaii~Chan in a pink dress. A Casual not formal dress. She waved at me and I went up to her. I saw a lot of people, I got a bit shy.

Kawaii~Chan started to introduce me to them.

"(Y/N)~Sama this is Aphmau, Katelyn, Nicole, Dante, Travis, Laurance, Jeffory, Kenmur, Emmalyn,(sorry if I missed anyone) and where's-"

"Kawaii~Chan We're sorry we're late," that voice...

"Hey Kawaii~Chan," another voice...

"I don't wanna be here," Is that?!

"Wait (Y/N)??"

I just smiled as I looked at Garroth, Vlyad, and Zane.


ITS SOO SHORT!! But I updated so yeah, I've been busy and stuff so slow updates, but I promise I'll update.

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We were in a server in MCPE.

My friend was leaving and then his girlfried typed "No don't Lefy!!" So now we call our friend Lefy because of that incident. And if someone leaves we say "HE/SHE LEFYYYYY!!" So I want to Trend Lefy if you guys do I'll be so happy!! And my birthday is coming up!! YAY!!


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