The alone sick boy.

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"Am fine..stop worrying for me..."

"But Neil...."

"It's okay Lia...I guess you should leave him alone" Alice said making me feel pretty awkward.

"I was just telling him to stay at home when he is sick"

"He is big enough to take decisions..I guess you should stop advising him what to do or not"

"Don't worry Alice .. Lia and Neil are friends and Neil doesn't feel uncomfortable when Lia talks to him"
Lora said purposely to make Alice jealous.

"It's weird how Alice changed for a moment...I think she was in a bad mood"

The bell rang and the History teacher came.

"Goodmorning pupils...I am giving you a project and there are gonna be 2 pupils,a girl and a boy in a group.
Each of the groups are gonna get a country to discuss on and the best groups are gonna get permission to go on a trip after exams"

Everyone jumped with excitement.

Lucas...Katiana(katiana's crush)
Louis...Lora (Lora's crush)
And so on"

Wait what....Neil and Alice?..omg am so happy. Finally Alice can be Neil's friend,the boy she would always admire.

"I'm sorry. .. I don't want Alice in my group. Otherwise I won't take part in the project" Neil said

nOOOOW" I yelled at him at the top of my voice. I was so happy on hearing that Alice would be with Neil but....that stupid was about to ruin everything.

"Lia are you okay?" The teacher asked looking confused.

"Uh...err....oh no...sorry Miss..I forgot I was in class"

Everyone started laughing at me, Alice was smiling at me and Neil was staring at me....shocked. I turned and continued listening to the teacher.
I was with Mike...Neil's friend.
And we had to discuss on Japan..Alice and Neil had to discuss on France and Lora's group on England.
Alice was the happiest girl in the class when she knew that she was with Neil but Neil looked a bit bored and moody.

"We have to start the project today itself ..." I said to Mike

"Yeah...but I shall be at Neil's place"

Mike was Neil's best friend and they met everytime to play football and games.

"Do you mind coming at Neil's place today...with the equipments?"

"I can come but I must inform my Nona"

After school, I went to Neil's place.
Neil and Mike were in the leisure room playing games. As soon as Mike saw me, he got up and came to me for the project. We went in Neil's room, and Mike sat on a mat and we started discussing on what we could do and just then we heard a knock at the door. Alice.....was here to discuss on the project with Neil.

"Don't you think that we should talk on Japan's culture....and to have more ideas, we should watch Japanese Animes?" I asked Mike

"Yeah....why not..! We should talk on their High Schools and dishes. We have a lot to talk on Japan's culture"
Mike replied

On the other side, Alice was looking at Neil.

"What should we talk on France?" Alice asked

"Ummm.....On Eifel Tower,Quartier Chinois and maybe on their dishes as well. The production of Wine,bread and cheese." Neil replied

After an hour of discussion with Mike, I had an idea on what we could add in our project. Alice and Mike stood up to go home but I was still sitting on the mat and looking for pictures we could use for the Japan Project.

"Won't you go home?" Neil asked

"Yeah...just a saving Pictures I can use for the project. Nona's wi-fi Connection is low.

"I'm going to buy an Ice you want one?"

"Is that something you should ask?" I said while laughing

I checked my phone and it was 3 pm.
Neil took his bicycle and closed the gate.

"I don't want to take part in that nonsense project"

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"I don't want to take part in that nonsense project"


"Because I don't want to" Neil replied

"Is it because of Alice?" I asked

Neil stared at me for a moment.

"Why does Alice makes you feel so uncomfortable? She is a nice girl and she always wanted to be close to you"

"Lia....Lia....Lia....if only you knew how Alice is. Alice likes me because my parents are rich but she doesn't know how my parents had to fight so that their business works out the way they wanted it. By the way Miss Lia,you ask too much questions and I hate replying questions unless they are important. Am getting an Ice-cream, do you want one?"

" thanks" I replied

"Is it because you forgot your purse at home?"

" am on diet"

"What a joke Lia"

He stood up and went to buy an icecream while I was admiring the place.

"Your icecream"

"I told you I don't want it"

"Don't lie dumbo.A foodie like you,refusing an icecream? Stop that attitude"

"But Nei"

"Miss Lia,eat the damn's melting"

" Wait,Neil were you not sick yesterday?
Drop your icecream now,how could I just forget"

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