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You tapped on his shoulder excitedly and almost spit out your coke.
"Holy shit dude look!" You half screamed pointing at the mountains. He squinted his eyes as he saw the sun rise. "Look at Apollo's sick ride! I'd die to steal one of those babies!" He rolled his eyes. "Wow, typical Hermes boy." "Can't help it, I mean can you help your little obsession with skulls?" His pink cheeks turned a little darker as he pulled his dark aviator jacket over his black shirt with a skull on it.
"Welp, Apollo's ride is my cue." You said standing up and brushing donut powder of your clothes. "This little thing turned out better than I thought. Gonna come to camp with me or continue living in loserville?" He shrugged thinking about it and stood up. You picked up your trash knowing the dryads would hate you if you didn't.
"I guess I'll go to camp, maybe talk to Percy or something." You smiled and nodded, "Well cmon" You yawned. Well, guess who's sleeping through breakfast. You. You were. Nico yawned too and you said something about it being contagious. After reaching camp you left Nico with Percy and went to your cabin. You hid the rest of the sodas and bags of donuts knowing your bunk mates will take them.
You slammed down on the bed and took the heaviest nap in your entire demigod life. Nico walked in the cabin looking for you during lunch time. Percy sent him after you despite his complains. Nico now had a crush on you and even though Annabeth saw it he'd never admit it. So there he was in the Hermes cabin sitting on the bed next to someone in a coma(you.)
He tried to shake you awake. Didn't work. He screamed at you. Didn't work. He saw someone's cymbals, which was a weird thing to have even though he guessed they were stolen. He was so tired but Percy really wanted you to at least eat today so he had to keep going. "Bang! Bang!" He crashed the cymbals near your face.
You groaned and he sighed in relief. He put the cymbals back and walked back towards you. You were half asleep, reaching out for him. He grabbed your hand and instead of pulling you out of bed like he planned, you pulled him in the bed. His face was dark red and he felt frozen. "Nico you're so cold." You mumbled. "Son of Hades." He managed to say while grinding his teeth.
You pulled the blanket over the both of you and cuddled up to him. "No no no. Don't you dare [Your name] if someone found us here do you know-" You were already snoring again. He tried to crawl out from under your arm but you were just too strong for him. Did he get weak or were you lifting 500lbs a day? He couldn't tell but he wanted this to be over. He concentrated real hard and even though he was drained he tried to shadow travel.
That only worked in making him even more drained of energy. "I mean, I am tired" He argued with himself. "But, Percy is expecting me." With a dreamy look he said" but he's so warm, but...I guess it's not that bad.." He turned around and hugged you, and slowly drifted off to sleep. Soon after he was snoring softly along with you.

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