Chapter two

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School was finally over !

I passed all my exams and I was on holidays for 2 months. I don't have friends at college so I headed directly at home. My only friend is my cousin Rosa but she lives 2 hours away. I don't see her often but I call her every night .

I don't know how or why but I was so motivated this morning that I made my hair curly and shiny , I did a glowy make up since it's summer and I had even put on a floral white dress who went mid-thigh with a pair of brown leather sandals. My outfit was really cute for once. I usually wear a black leather jacket with black skinny jeans and a pair of Yeezys for example. I'm always wearing  dark colors but today was an exception.

I walked to my white Camaro. I got inside, started the engine and left .
The good part about having a rich father is that you can have good cars and unlimited money for whatever you want .

I parked my car in front of our mane door and saw my dad's car parked as well with 5 big blacks Range Rover behind it .

I was happy that he was home this early for once...

I was now in the lobby and heard noises from our mane living room .

When I entered , my dad was in the couch who was facing me. Behind him there were his men with huge guns in there hands. In front of my dad there were an another couch with a man sat on it. I could only see the back of his head . The stranger had men behind him with big guns as well .

My dad noticed me.

"What are you doing here ?" My dad said with an annoyed voice.

"I don't know maybe I fucking live here !" I thought.

Before I could reply the man in front of him turned around and... oh god he was so freaking hot!

He had long brown hair on top of his head and shorter on the edge,  he had amazing green and brown eyes, a tan skin and his jawline was so defined. He was in a well cut Armani suit, this man smelled money and he was a freaking Greek god!

When I saw his smirk I realized that I was staring and I looked down!
Since when me Camilla Ricci look down ?

"What's your name amor ?" The stranger asked me.

I looked up to reply , oh gosh this man was so intimidating.

Before I could my dad stood up, the stranger as well and next thing I knew they were face to face.

"Listen to me carefully little merda , don't you even think about touching my daughter, capito?"  My dad said with a cold voice. 

"aww, how cute ? This is your daughter then. " the stranger said with a smirk that I wanted to slap off his face " Wait did I just touched a sensitive point ?" When he said that he was looking at me then he looked back at my father.

"And if I touch her what are you going to do nonno ?" he said to dad with a dark smile.

This man was hot ! He was as tall as my father and with what I could see he goes to the gym very often... I had never  seen any men this attractive before.

"I'm gonna do what I have to do Valentino" dad said with dark eyes .

Then it hit me like a train, he was Valentino Albrizzi, fuck!

Valentino no... Tino's body became so tense , is jaw tightened and it was freaking sexy ... oh man I really need to stop with this guy !

"You are in deep merda Emmanuel. We have played enough ! I'm your worst enemy by now. I wanted you to join us but forget it. I will destroy you. Vi pentirete ciò che avete fatto" he said to my father in a glacial ton.

My father laughed at his face, a dangerous laugh "I'm not afraid of you bambino"

They were gonna fight! All there men pointed there guns at each others and Tino and my father were in the middle forehead to forehead, if I didn't do something people were going to die.

"STOP !" I screamed . Everyone looked at me in shock.

I went in between my father and Tino. I was facing Tino and he let me push him away .

His chest was rock dude!

"Who do you think you are to come to our house and threat my father! Now leave or I swear I will..." He cut me.

"You will what cagna ?" he said with a charming voice like I wasn't understanding what he was saying .

"I speak Italian stupido ! Don't call me a whore again or I will cut your balls asshole ! Now live my house ! " I was so angry at him. 

"Talk to me this way again and I will cut your throat. Be happy that your nonno is right behind you.
But I'm still a gentlemen so if your wish is me leaving my dear then see you later amor " He said.
Then him and all his men left my house .

I turned to my father "I don't want to see this man again! He is so full of him self and he treated you! In your house! He think he is a gentlemen but he fucking said that he would have cut my throat if you weren't here! Nobody treated me before! Who do he thinks he is ?" I was so angry right now, everyone always respect me because everyone fear my father! And this cazzo wasn't and... Ahhhh! I'm gonna kill him!

"Calm down caro, calm down. I'm so proud of you. You are a very courageous young woman. I don't know what would have happen if you weren't here." He said with a smooth voice but I was still angry from what just happened.

"Thanks but now if you don't mine I want to spend time alone , I'm not hungry. I will stay in my bedroom until tomorrow , ?"

"Yes sweatheart , I have work to do anyway" Then he left me alone.

I sprinted to my room and slammed the door . I lent on my bed.

I told myself " Whoa... This man was unreal . How someone can be so perfect outside and at the same time so ugly  inside ?" I had a feeling that it wasn't the last time I would see him like I wished for.

Okay everyone that was chapter number two ! I upload every day or every two days it's depending on what's going on in my life :) Hope you enjoyed it and as I'm still a gentlemen see you later ;) xx

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