*DDM preference: What you two always do together #30:

Liam: Watch cartoons;
Every Sunday morning, since you were 3 year old, he woke up and made breakfast. Then you and him would eat and watch cartoons all morning

Zayn: Sleep;
When your mum died when you were 4 you slept with your dad, every night, scared to loose him like you lost your mum.

Harry: Bake;
Having Harry Styles for a dad, the cupcake, you were bound to have the nickname: Little Cupcake. Every time you or him was having a bad day, you'd sit down and bake together.

Niall: Eat;
Being Niall's Daughter you inherited a big appetite from your father. You two would fight over food all the time. Who had food and didn't share, or who at all of something.

Louis: Prank eachother;
You and your father were just alike. You both loved prancing eachother.

A/N: Sorry, if it's crap it was rushed haha. I'll write another tomorrow! Any ideas?


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