Chapter 16 √

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"Move to the couch" I move as the photographer told me to move Today school was good it really was it started weird but ended up good. During lunch it was as if I was a normal person . Oh and I found out who that teacher is since at the end of the day a freshmen let just say showed hit little friend to a 64 year old teacher who then had a heart attack my teacher was an old guy with gray hairs and everything so I had nothing to worry about.

"On the floor with Josh then with Seth"

"What did you say?''

"Oh yes Seth is playing the part of Nathan"

Oh god .I did as I was told I got on the floor with my stomach on it and my legs lifted up as I was laying down on it, then josh came over to me . He had a dark blue pare of jeans and a red shirt that had a neck tie and his blonde hair so soft.Then came Seth he touched my back as he sat down and looked me in the eyes.

"That it kids show me love"

We move to the couch and I left my legs up on his lap and my head on the other side. My arm felt pain as I felt tight all of a sudden but then Tom told us we could get up and take pic standing up. We go to the back with the white screen is at and start posing. As we pose Josh put his arm around my waist and I put mine around his neck. Then they made us switched with Seth and at this time I felt a tingle up my spine. Then they made me take a picture that look like we were an inch from kissing then I had to do the same with Josh and again I felt a tingle on my spine.

After I had to kiss Logan and William.

Seth had the same as Josh but he had a black shirt and red tie and me I had on a revealing red dress that was probably a size -3 , since it was so dam tight. My hair was up in a ponytail and my neck had a diamond necklace on it.

We finish up earlier then what was expected but that let us shot some shot with Seth for tonight. You see the actor that was going to be on this show some guy is paying him more money to be on a movie. So we didn't start shooting his part and we only had like three shots to do with Seth.

We finish on time and yet only a few minutes earlier. We got to the interview room we went to the dressing room and changed. I was going to put on my cloths I had in my bag but I saw something on the couch.

It was a read bag from Seth mom designer, I opened it up to see it was a blue dress that came over my knees but not to high and it look good on me but it also made my chess noticeable but not by much, it had a green lace on the waist and had a hart shape at the neck line. As I finish putting it on I read what was on the sticky note.

Hey it me Seth

My mom is designing cloths for the show but I got you this dress so we could celebrate your birthday

Since I'm not going to be able to have you to my self ♥

Oh and sorry about this morning but please come I promise I wont try anything

Bye angel or beautiful♥♡♥

I smile to remember his nicknames for me

I smile and threw the note away I grabbed my black hoodie and nerdy glasses and pull my hair in a ponytail .The director and crew were yelling till we went live. I ran and tripped on the carpet, everyone was pointing me to sit on the couch, oh and that's it I told them first my secret but today I was going to tell most of the world my secret.

" Hey you like the dress'' I look up from the love seat I was on and gave Seth a small smile.

"Um yeah thanks and sure but you try something again your going to end up on the front cover of people magazine as the star that just got killed" he smiled then to me.

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