Chapter 15 Friends are There and Boys Anoy

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With me looking at my times table I got bumped into someone and then apparently dump coffee on me. It wasn't hot since it was an ice coffee and not a hot drink. The person in front of me was apologizing and if it was someone else then I would believe them but no this chick couldn't give me a brake.

In front of me was Amanda , and I mean it really when I said she couldn't give me a brake since I already saw her this morning.

"You just cant give me a brake can you bitch" I said growling, she was taken back but then look mad.

"look here Miss. Evans I don't give a shit on who you are or if my sister hates Millie but you can't call me that since one you don't know me and two I'm pretty sure your family are bitches" She spat out even more mad.

"look here Amanda I don't give a shit ether now if you don't mine I have to go get a new shirt" As I said her name her face brightened and look sorry.

" Oh my God I'm sorry I just get mad when people call me names since they cant take it out on Mandy or else she will kill them. Oh you must be thing is she crazy , well yes but to clear things up my name is Serena White or snowy lols any way I'm Mandy's twin sister'' I didn't know Amanda had a twin as I look closer to her I see she didn't have that beauty mark Mandy had .

"Oh god I'm sorry" she nodded and smiled.

"Don't worry cupcake and about your sister I don't hate her she seems cool well that what I heard room Ace but Mandy doesn't want me to hang around her or your sister so that why I never met Millie and by the way kicking shoes you know my step mother designed them?"

"She did" she nods smiling with a tint of spirit.

"And right know your wearing the first pair ever made yet they don't come out till next month" I grin at that.

"Hey angel are you ok" Seth coming to my side and hugged me

"Ugh player'' Serena mumbled / whispered.

"Hared that babe" he smirked with a smart ass look.

" I love you" I said and smirked.

"You do" Seth ask with hope in his eyes. Lets brake him shawl we heart.

We shawl princess and all goddess of heart brake

" No I was talking to Serena dumb ass" I smirked then grab my bag and walk off with Serena holding my elbow with hers linked with min.

We walked to my locker which was near Serena's by one across. Then out of no were someone Ace is in front of me or should I say on top of me.

"Ace off.... this looks wrong" I said chuckling. She nodded and had a look of embarrassment on her face.

"Sorry a bit excited any way yes I know I didn't tell you that I was going to come to school here but my mom is going to work with what's his face? Oh yeah Seth the jerk you hate and the one I FOUND YOU KISSING" She yelled almost getting me death and got almost the hole student body looking at us. Ace's mother was a very important producer so that meant Seth was going to guess star in a show or something.

" I thought it was Millie who made out with him" Serena said confused.

"Look girly stop jumping on her that's my job" as Seth said it was his job I slap him in the face then turn to look at Serena. Ok so me and him had q complicated relationship/

"Tell you tomorrow ok s" she looked at me shocked but spoke.

"Um ok any way do you want me to call my mom stylist since it is my fault" She said looking at Seth sill in shocked , man how was Seth so sweet then turn to a total playboy?

"Um no it's ok " I said and started to take off my sweeter off as I did I herd some whist.

"Hey no striping in school " Josh said as I finally took off my sweeter from the head part.

"No shit Sherlock for that 50 push ups"

"Fin Captain mc hottie '' he saluted.

"Thank you captain mc.. uummm oh yeah nerd" I pretended to think and saluted at the end.

He rolled his eyes till some freshmen girls walked by and started pulling Seth and Josh at that point they ran for there life. Um maybe I could of loss weight like that. Hum?

"And there goes the idiots of Roswell high" I herd Serena say as me; the girl just smiled and agreed.

"No kidding any way I'm going to call one of my maids oh wait never min I have cloths" I said remember that had cloths in my bag.

"Oh shit that must hart" Ace said imagining the pain the boys had.

"What?" I asked as they turn their eyes to face mines.

"look there stating to pull there hair" Serena said pitiful.

"Ok I'll be back I at least owe them some help right?" they nodded and turn to there locker.


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