History of the Jedi Knights and Sith Lords

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History of the Jedi Knights and Sith Lords

Based on George Lucas' Vision of Star Wars

QUICK CHRONOLOGY (YA means "years ago") before the events of Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace

270,000 YA Ancient Galactic Republic established, Kyber Crystals forged.

195,000 YA Kaja Sinis founds Jedi Order, Zuti Darklighter creates Dark Jedi.

175,100 YA Darth Ragnos rules Sith.

175,000 YA Hyperspace War, Darth Sadow rules Sith, Jeer Dexton organizes Dark Jedi Order.

174,000 YA Sith War, Jedi Knights of the Old Republic battle the Sith.

172,700 YA Aden Trackus goes into hiding, changes last name to Skywalker.

172,000 YA Yendar Platis, greatest Jedi swordsman ever.

171,000 YA Old Galactic Republic firmly established, Jedi slay all Sith but Darth Bane.

170,150 YA Norius Havok, most powerful Dark Jedi ever.

170,000 YA Star Wars Saga begins in Episode 1: The Phantom Menace!


Millions of years ago, in the Vordarian Beltway Galaxy (called "Rutanimus" in Civian), 850 trillion light years from our Milky Way Galaxy, the events of the Star Wars Trilogies took place, but 100,000 years before this, the Sith remained hidden on their planet Korriban, the Rodar Wizards performed their magic on Perdonis, and the Galactic Republic was not nearly as powerful in the Galaxy as it was in the days of the Star Wars Trilogies.

The Galactic Republic started with only a handful of planets under its first Supreme Chancellor, Merk Quanto. Coruscant was at the center, with the new Galactic Senate. The Dai Nogas, the magical warriors of the Civian home world Ophuchi, protected the new Galactic Republic. The Whills started keeping Galactic History on Grentarik, their home planet. Granicus, the home world of the Gran, was made home to the new Galactic Republic Supreme Court. Other Core Worlds of the early Galactic Republic included Alderaan, Chandrilla, Corellia, Duro, Kinyen, and Malastare.

75,000 years after the formation of the Galactic Republic under the first Supreme Chancellor, Merk Quanto, the Sith were discovered on their home world, Korriban, by the millennia old Galactic Republic. (This was about 25,000 years before Episode 1.) The Sith were a primitive species, but had a powerful secret form of magic and religion. They had existed peacefully for centuries, undiscovered. Unfortunately, it was shortly after their discovery and the founding of the Jedi Order that an imbalance was created.

Kaja Sinis was a blue haired, blue eyed Civian with a deep voice, born on Coruscant 25,000 years before Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. He was the first Jedi and founder of the Order of Jedi Bendu Knights. The term Jedi meant "light bringer" in the Civian language. Sinis created the techniques allowing one to use the Force. He discovered two sides of the Force, the good side (called "Ashla" in Civian) and the dark side (called "Bogan" in Civian). His new Jedi Order replaced the Dai Nogas of Ophuchi, which only grasped the good side, and had a relatively weak grasp of the Force compared to Kaja Sinis. In the early years, it was the duty of a Jedi to study both the Ashla and the Bogan, but serve the Ashla or good side.

His first student or padawan was Shintor Beerus, a Twi'lek Sinis discovered on the planet Nefarion. The Jedi Academy on Coruscant grew large under the two and eventually the Civian home world, Ophuchi, was transformed into the Jedi stronghold, and the Dai Nogas integrated themselves into the new Jedi Order. Later, the Whill Shamans of Grentarik were integrated into the new Jedi Order as well. Kaja Sinis, aided by the Jedi scientist, Cobar Jacash, created the first light saber, as well as the first Jedi Holocron, a small hand-held cube which contained Jedi history. Cobar Jacash was a Bomewright from Sullust. The Bomewrights were frequently known as Sullustans by outsiders. Future Jedi light saber scientists tended to be Bomewrights as well.

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