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"Sapphire, dear! Are you ready?" hearing my mother call, I checked my appearance one last time in the mirror. I arranged the bow that I had put in my hair once again, making sure it was perfectly in place and smoothed down the lacy green dress that I wore. Smiling at my reflection one last time, I skipped downstairs while singing cheerily.

"I love gummy bears! Oh, so yummy gummy bears!" I chanted, giggling. Carefully I trudged down each step then hopped from the last one to land in our main foyer. Glancing up, I spotted my mother looking down at me with a smile etched onto her lips. She was wearing a long green dress that was just a shade off from the color I was wearing. On her feet she wore a matching pair of shoes with thin heels. Her eyes twinkled with excitement as she embraced me when I stepped in front of her. I happily returned the gesture.

"You look so pretty, honey!" my mother bent down so that she was at eye level with me. She pinched my cheeks and kissed me on the nose before saying, "Are you ready to win that contest? We're gonna go out for your birthday after!" She raised a brow at me with a smile still on her face.

I felt like I was the luckiest child in the world. It happened that the singing contest I joined was planned on the same day as my birthday. I was turning nine and would hopefully become a singing star all on the same day! On top of that my parents had promised to take me to Fuddruckers, my favorite local restaurant, afterwards.

To answer my mother's previous question, I nodded. Grabbing the comb as a temporary mike, I held it tightly between my hands and placed it in front of my lips. "Of course I am, momma! Check this out!" I began to sing my chosen performance song at the top of my lungs, doing the best I could but was cut off when I suddenly got lifted from behind and hung upside down in air.

"My honey's so awesome!" my dad cheered, clutching my waist. He threw me under his arm gently and rubbed his knuckles against my head. I shrieked. I just knew he had cause major hair displacement!

"Stop it, papa! You're going to ruin my hair! I worked so hard for it a while ago, you know!" I cried. I heaved a sigh of relief when he gently set me down on the floor and ran to the mirror to check my appearance. Staring at my reflection I gasped when I spotted my messy and tousled hair. Screaming, I ran to my mother, "Momma! Papa ruined my hair! And I worked for that for the contest too!" I pouted, stomping my feet while pointing a finger at my father.

"Oh, c'mon Walter, you're messing up your daughter's hair again!" My mother chided him, pretending to be angry by pointing an accusing finger, though she wasn't able to suppress the smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

I looked at her suspiciously. I was not that young anymore. "You're not really angry with him, are you?"

"Well, she looks just fine to me . . ." he chuckled, reaching out and ruffling my hair more.

"You're so bad! You better buy me gummy bears for that!" I looked up at his tall form and flashed him a threatening look, placing my hands on my hips.

"Ok silly, after the contest." he ruffled my hair once more and I let out a huff of irritation, stomping my foot as hard as I could. "I'll wait in the car." he said, standing up and walking out the door.

My mother sighed and nudged me in front of the mirror. She made me sit down the wooden chair, taking hold of the brush that I used previously as fake microphone. My mother then untied the ribbon in my hair that had been twisted into a weird position while I frowned at my unpleasant appearance.

Raking the comb through my hair, she started removing the messy tangles that my father had caused. After a few minutes of her patience, my flaming red hair rested in soft curls down my back. My hair was normally straight, but my mother helped me to curl it to make me look extra special for the day's events. Other than my hair she had allowed me to prepare myself, only checking in on me every now and then to make sure that I was fine.

She winded it up the back again, creating a headband-like style. I felt an uncontrollable smile tug at the corners of my lips. As soon as she was finished I hopped out of my seat and reached up towards her neck. My mother crouched down, placing her hands in the air above her knees seeming to know what I was about to do. I wrapped my arms around her neck and pecked her cheek at the same time.

"Thanks momma! You're the best!" I told her while smiling. I then carefully took two of her fingers in my small hand and began to pull her out the door. "Let's go! I don't want to be late!" I said excitedly, dragging her with me.

"Oh wait, wait!" she halted me and grabbed my shoulders, gently making me face her. She crouched down on her knees in front of me then, reached to the back of her neck and unclasped the dangling golden necklace. The centerpiece was a golden pendant with a wolf-shaped amethyst embedded on the middle. It looked as if the wolf was howling at the moon. She then placed it carefully around my neck and clasped the hook together. "This necklace is very important honey," my mother whispered, "wolves aren't always a symbol for viciousness, cunning, greed and danger, but sometimes as a symbol for courage, victory, loyalty, honesty, faithfulness, and willingness to fight injustice." she told me, pecking me on the cheek and carefully standing up. Taking my hand in hers, we slowly walked out.

I was still in shock, "This is really mine?" I looked up at her in disbelief while taking the pendant in my free hand.

"That is yours, yes. My mother gave it to me when I was your age. I think you're big enough to take care of it." she smiled down at me.

"Really? Thank you! You're the best momma in the whole world." I hugged her waist and the continued to pull her out towards the car where my father was waiting.

I ran towards the car and hopped in while my mother followed behind me after locking the door. For some reason as my father stared the car I had a sudden urge to sit on my mother's lap. Ignoring the feeling I started to sing, "The wheels of the car go round and round, round and round. The wheels of the car go round and round, all through the town!"

"Ooh! Ooh! I want that teddy bear please, papa!" I said, pointing at the teddy bear that a guy was carrying along with a lot of other stuff toys by the road-side. Among all the other dolls and stuffed toys the brown teddy bear with his green tie stood out the most.

"Fine, but that means no gummy bears for later." my father bargained. I nodded at him, agreeing happily while he just sighed and stepped on the brake. I watched him intently as he tried slowing the pace of our car, however, nothing appeared to be working no matter what he did.

It was then that my father was started to panic, no matter how many times he pressed on the brake pedal the car didn't stop.

"What's wrong, Walter?" my mother asked, worry clear across her face.

"We lost control of the brake!" he yelled.


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