Be Mine

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*Kayla's POV*

Niall just dropped me off at mine and my sister's house. I want to look amazing for him so I get ready now. It is only 11:30 and Niall will be here at 2, but I decide to get into the shower anyway. I wash my long brown hair with shampoo and conditioner, wash my body, and shave. By the time I get out it is only 12:00. Uh! I guess this gives me a lot of time to choose what I'm wearing and do my make up and hair.

After trying on what seemed like my whole closet I finally decide on a denim button up shirt, a white skirt that goes about mid thigh, a brown belt to go with it, and a pair of brown high healed boots that goes to my ankle. I love this look!! For my hair I decide to curl it in big curls, they almost look more like waves. My make up is a simple looking black eyeliner cat eye, mascara,and lip gloss. I look amazing! Hopefully Niall likes it. I look at the time and notice that it is now 1:45! I grab my phone and run down stairs. I almost trip and fall on my face at least seven times! I'm such a klutz!

The door bell rings.

*Niall's POV*

I'm so happy that I get to see Kayla again today. Last night was perfect and I want today to be even better!

"Niall? Hello? Niall?!" a girls voice says.

I look up to see it's Kayla. She looks absolutely beautiful! "Sorry, I was just thinking," I blush.

"About what?" She asks while closing her front door and locking it. I notice that her key chain has a picture of me on it and I giggle.

"You, and I love your key chain by the way," I say with a wink. She giggles and kisses my cheek. I take her hand and guide her to my car.

I open the door for her. "Thank you Mr. Niall," She says with her beautiful smile.

"Your welcome Ms. Kayla," I say with a returning smile and close her door. I run around to the other side and hop in.

"What amusement park are we going to?" Kayla asks, her voice full of curiosity.

"Six Flags, is that okay?"

"That's perfectly fine."

"Okay good! Do you want to play 20 questions to pass the time?"

"Sounds fun but, not to sound stocker-ish or anything, but I already know pretty much everything about you." Kayla says while her cheeks turn pink.

"I don't find it stocker-ish at all, well I do, but don't worry. I understand that you're a fan," I say giving her a reassuring smile. She just nods and looks at her lap. "Hey don't worry,I don't mind. I'll just ask you questions." she nods again.

"Whats your favorite song?"

"Little Things," I smile at her answer.

"Why?" I ask.

"Well, I'm a very insecure person. I know it's odd to meet a self conscious model, but I guess I'm one of the odd ones. That song makes me feel better about myself. I'm not saying that I think I'm ugly all the time, I'm just saying that I don't feel completely confident. If that makes since." Her answer shocked me. How could such a beautiful girl feel that way?

"Love, you're beautiful. Don't think anything different."

"Thank you Niall, that means a lot to me." I smile at her.

"Kayla, Will you promise me something?"

"It depends."

"Please promise me from now on you'll realize how beautiful you are," she takes a deep breath.

"I promise."

"Good, no more being hard on yourself."

"I know Niall, any more questions?"

I continue to ask her question after question. I learn her favorite color is mint green, she loves volleyball and basketball, she'll eat almost anything, she is a huge One Direction fan, and in Middle School she used to be picked on. Finally we arrived at 2:30!

(At Six Flags)

*Kayla's POV*

We arrive at Six Flags and get out of the car. We walk up to the entrance to buy our way in. I volunteer to pay for myself but Niall fights me on it..he pays. We walk through the entrance gate, his had locked around mine.

"What do you want to ride first babe?" asks Niall while squeezing my hand.

"Ferris wheel?" I ask squeezing his hand back.

"Sure that sounds fun!" He guides us to the Ferris Wheel, where there is no line. We get on a red seat and pull the bar down. I let go of his hand and lay my head on his shoulder. His hands play with my hair the whole way to the top.

"Kayla look," Niall says while pointing to the beautiful scene in front of us.

"It's beautiful!" I say with a smile and pull my head away from his shoulder. I am now staring right into Niall's eyes. His eyes are so blue, so pure, so beautiful. Every time I look into them butterfly's dance in my stomach. Our faces gradually get closer. I can now feel his breath on my lips.

"Kayla, I want to kiss you so bad right now." Niall says, his lips brushing against mine.

"Do it," I let out. And with that Niall's lips meet mine in a love filled kiss. His lips taste sweet like candy and I don't want it to end. But sadly, Niall pulls away.

"How was that?" Niall asks, his lips a little red.

"Amazing," I say with a huge smile.

"Kayla, will you be my girl friend? I've known since the day I met you at that party, eich was only yeaterday, that you need to be mine. I love spending time with you. Please Kayla, will you?" I can't believe that Niall feels this way about me!

"Niall, it's so soon. I don't want to get hurt."

"Please Kayla? I promise I will never hurt you. I will protect you with my life."

"Okay Niall. I love spending time with you too. When I met you I felt like the luckiest girl on Earth. Now I do even more. So yes,I will be your girlfriend as long as you never hurt me." I'm so unbelievably happy right now, wow Niall Horan is my boyfriend!

We ride the rest of the Ferris wheel and then a few more rides. Including: A few roller coasters, The tilt a whirl and some ride with swings. It is so much fun! Niall gets spotted by a few fans and is asked to take pictures, which I don't mind at all. Luckily all the girls are very nice. Most just want pictures with Niall, but a few want one with the both of us. Of course girls ask me who I am. I tell them my name and that I am his girlfriend. Others ask what I do job wise. I tell them about my modeling at a local agency. Some fans comment on how pretty I am and others just act happy for Niall. However, most of the girls don't seem to mind me and Niall together which is a major relief.

It is starting to get late so Niall and I leave.

"Thank you for a wonderful day," Niall says before turning on the car and kissing me.

"Your welcome, but I should be the one thanking you."

"Nah, you can just repay me by spending the night at my place,"

"No funny business right?"

"Absolutely not, just sleeping. Maybe kissing but fully clothed. Come on Kayla, pleaseeee." Niall begs carrying out the "E" in please.

"OK, I will!"

We drive to Niall's flat. When we arrive Niall brings me to his room and hands me one of his shirts to wear. He takes his shirt off and is now only wearing a pair of blue basketball shorts he found on the floor. His abs are amazing!

"Kayla? Like what you see?" Niall's voice snaps me out of my dirty thoughts and I nod.

I take my clothes off and slip into the shirt, which barely covers my butt. Niall just smiles and lays down on the bed with me. I lay my head on his chest while he plays with my hair again. Trying to braid it, but failing. Our eyes get heavy and we both fall asleep. Sleeping for the first time together as Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

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