🔱 Chapter Five 🔱

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They had all gathered around the fire in the princes' camp eating the remnants of what they had hunted. After they had rolled out their makeshift beds and waited for the rabbit meat to finish roasting over the fire while Maurie tended to it everyone had sat down waiting anxiously to eat.

They had all watched as the red meat sizzled bringing out a golden brown color that had all their bellies grumbling. Maurie sprinkled spices over the rabbit meat causing an enticing aroma to permeate the already herb laden air.

Abidah's mouth watered at the sight and Ashkelon stuck his head over her shoulder, watching the scene before him while saliva from his mouth ran down Abidah's shirt, but she could have cared less. Her stomach was protesting and Maurie was taking way too long.

"Can you hurry it up, we're starving here." Abidah's patience was wearing thin.

"I'm almost done, sheesh." Maurie turned the meat over the fire for a few more minutes. "OK, its done."

Without waiting for her to say anything more Abidah grabbed a knife and cut a healthy portion out of the rabbit meat. To say it didn't hurt when she touched the meat would be a lie but the pain in her belly was proving to be a far worse force to be reckoned with.

The others followed her actions, cutting pieces of meat so that they could satisfy their growing hunger.

Moans filled the air as each and everyone took a bite out of the fleshy goodness, eyes rolling to the back of their heads.

"You really outdid yourself this time Maurie." Said Abidah with her mouth full.

"Indeed she did. I've never tasted anything like this." Sylvan was stuffing his face while letting out moans of delight at every bite. "This is absolutely divine."

"I couldn't agree with you more brother." Abidah watched as the so called Prince Adamanteus ate his share of food. He wasn't like his younger brother she observed who had stuffed his jaws until he could barely chew, no, he was a but calmer biting only small increments of meat at a time.

Adamateus watched out of the corner of his eyes as the girl by the name of Abidah stared at him openly; no doubt she was assessing his every move just as he was doing her. It was just a trace of luck that he came to find the person that he was looking for soon and very quite unexpected at that. The moment she had introduced herself, confirming his suspitions about who she was he wanted to gag her, tie her up and head for home but when he took a closer look at the girl and observed the relationship between her and her sister he couldn't help but wonder if this girl actually killed her parents and kidnapped her sister.

Maybe his father had made a mistake or simply received false information because there was no way this girl could have commit such an act as killing her parents, he could tell by the way she cared for her sister.

He didn't know what to do. She looked innocent but there was a slight chance that she might be guilty could only be fooling everyone around her with that innocent exterior. But still...

It was a good thing he hadn't told his brother and the guards the name of the girl they were hunting down for he would not have goten the chance to see if this girl had really done the things his father said.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't realise that everyone had finished eaten and someone had directed a question towards him.

"Adam, are you alright?" There was a look of concern etched into Sylvan's face as he stared at his brother.

"Oh, I'm fine. I just had a lot of things going through my mind. Sorry, did you say something before?"

"Abidah was asking where we were headed but I told her only you knew the answer to that."

"We were headed to a small village called Yasin in the Mountains of Pétra, have you ever heard of it?" Asked Adamanteus knowngly.

Abidah and Maurie shared a look of uncertainty before looking back at the prince.

"Never heard of it." Adamateus watched as the girl openly denied his question. Her face became an expressionless mask and her body became stiff and tense. Her face revealed nothing but he knew she was hiding something, if not by her body language he could tell by the way she was cautiously watching him and his companions.

"Brother you said 'were headed' what do you mean, are we not going there anymore?" Sylvan looked puzzled; he could not understand his brother.

"I'm afraid not Sylvan." Answered Adamanteus.

"Why not?"

"It seems we've already found what we came here for." With those words Sylvan's head turned to the two girls staring at them warily. Adamanteus stood putting away his leftover meat his eyes never once leaving the girls that sat infront of him.
The camp became awkwardly quiet, no one spoke not even the horses neighed. Abidah knew there was something different about this guy and she was right in not trusting him but even with that he still managed to figure out who she was. She and her sister needed to leave and leave now. She knew her sister was no fool and she had probably picked up on what the prince was referring to, so if she was to give her a signal Maurie would no doubt understand what it meant.

The four men sitting across from her were not taking their eyes off them and she was contemplating whether she should run or not yet again. But as she always said it was better to die trying rather than go down knowing that you could have at least done something. Without wasting anymore time Abidah leaned closer to Maurie not taking her eyes off of her assailants and whispered as quietly as she could for Maurie to run. Maurie, not even thinking twice about, dashed off in full speed towards the surrounding forest with Abidah trailing closely behind her.

"After them!" Abidah heard the prince shout. She also heard Ashkelon neighing furiously but there was nothing she could do for she had tied him very securely to a tree stump and if she turned back now she would only get caught, he would have to rely on his teeth to try and cut the rope holding him.

"Faster Maurie, they're gaining on us." Abidah could hear the men getting closer and she quickened her pace. She promised Sorren she wouldn't let anything happen to Maurie and that was exactly what she was going to do.

Bring it on, Princes!



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