It's Summer~

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Legend: I'm alive!!!

Moon: Really? How so?

Legend: School didn't kill me!

Zoey: Those things can't actually kill you, you know that, right?

Nagisa: Have you seen those monster exams? Math is terrifying.

Admin: Alright, where's this girl from?

Legend: Boy. Assassination Classroom. Also, KARMA!!!!!!!! *lets out the fangirliest scream*

Admin: Whatever. Buh-Bye! *sends Nagisa back to Class E*

Legend: I wish I was in Class E ...

Akina: My Arceus, we're the only ones taking our job seriously.

Aqua: I can't believe it. *shakes head in pure amazement*


I dare X and Y (muhahaha i remember you guys) to either, mess with Gold's hair or ruin Ruby's clothing. Or both :3

X: No. *hides under blanket*

Y: Get out! We've got a job to do!

*they disappear*

Crystal: Anyone else remember that the boys are in a desolate frozen wasteland?

- In a desolate frozen wasteland -

Red: Day 16. We've run out of food. Green's brokered a peace treaty with the ghosts. *looks out a window* The fangirls have laid seige to the haunted mansion.

Fangirl #1: Give us Silver and we'll let you go!

Gold: Why? He looks like a girl.

Silver: *glares*

[ Silver used Menacing Glare! It's super effective.]

Gold: Gaaah!

[Gold fainted]

Ruby: He's joined the legions of the undead! I told him he needed to moisturize!

Y: This is our chance! *splashes bucket of mud on Ruby*

X: *sighs*

Ruby: You fiend!

Y: *smirks and disappears*

X: *yawns and disappears*

Emerald: Y'know the funny thing about mud ...

Ruby: I can't move my legs!

Emerald: Is that it can freeze.

Suddenly, all the boys wer magicaly tranported back to HQ!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

Admin: Did you just write that like a bad fanfiction?

Lee: This is a bad fanfiction. So, yeah.

Legend: *sniffles* I wasn't aware you felt that way Lee. Now I know.

Lee: Legend, it's not you. It's ... it's me, ok? It's just-

Admin: And now this feels like a break up scene.

Aqua: I got this!


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