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  Pete didn't understand why he had to go to church. They say churches were full of love but that was a huge fucking lie. Church was a lie. It was a pastor brainwashing people into believing something false such as perception on people. Pete sat in the pews, glaring up at the pastor who was currently droning on about how he would go to hell.

  "Being homosexual is one of the biggest sins. God has told us to reproduce, yet what are these sinners doing? Laying with the same gender!" He screeched out.
This was complete bull shit. Honestly, Pete couldn't watch it anymore. Standing up, he walked swiftly out of the door and past the lobby into the parking lot where he sat on the curb, pulling out a cigarette.
  Pete rarely smoked but when he did, it was because he was extremely angry or sad.
As the smoke started wafting in the air, his thoughts started drifting as well. Why were people so against homosexuality and transgender people?
Well mostly because people were assholes. Or maybe God was an asshole. Maybe both.

Patrick wasn't an asshole though. He listened to Brendon's rambling about Ryan for almost an hour, keeping a smile on his face. He didn't care that Pete's friends were gay and was nice to everyone even though his life was far worse than anyone else's. Speaking of, Pete was still wondering why Patrick was in such a hurry last night and who was beating him up.
He just wanted to protect him, to be with him but he couldn't when Patrick hid himself away like he did. Pete just wanted him to tell him everything but didn't want him to run away. He had to be gentle or he would break his fedora boy- and he could never do that.

People started flooding out of the church doors, making Pete stand up, putting out his cigarette before searching for his parents. "Peter!" His Mother's voice called out. He turned around, seeing their angry faces glaring at him. "Where did you go boy? We were in the middle of having a very educational lesson and you ran out!" He father growled.

   "Sorry." Pete glared, gritting his teeth as they walked to their rather expensive car.
"Can you drop me off at Brendon's?" He asked as he sat down, the leather seat burning his legs. "I don't know. You've been hanging out with some shady figures lately. Your mother told me about the scroungy boy who came over last night asking for you." His father said disapprovingly. "I think he might have been a homosexual as well!" His mother added on. "Son, why are you associating with these sinners?"

Pete was so close to snapping and screaming at his parents. So close to telling them every thing he wanted to really say. They were just so stupid it was almost sad.
He saw his father pull up to Brendon's house luckily and stayed quiet. "Y'know, people like Brendon are who you need to be hanging out with. He a good respectable boy." If only they knew.

Pete literally jumped out of the car when they pulled to a stop, slamming the door and running up to the front door of Brendon's large house.
"Hey dude how-" Brendon smiled, opening the door without Pete even knocking. "I FUCKING HATE THEM." He simply collapsed onto Brendon, yelling into his shirt. "'Cmon buddy. Let's go get you some pizza and chocolate and you can tell me about your bitch ass parents." He confided, leading him inside.


"No I fucking can't handle it Brendon! They are fucking asshats to Patrick, the sweetest little bean in the world and they are so ignorant! Like please just shut the fuck up about God and money and sHIT!" Pete yelled out, continuing his 20 minute rant about his parents, shoving his fifth piece of pizza in his mouth and unwrapping his third chocolate bar so far.

"I get it, I get it. We need to do something about your parents but you need to relax first. 'Cmon sit down and just take a deep breath." He smiled lightly, patting the spot next to him on the couch. Pete sighed. "Thanks. I love you man." He sighed, leaning against Brendon. "Love you too bro." And Pete drifted off, all the food and anger tiring him out.


Mikey Way was not at all surprised to see Pete sleeping next to Brendon when he arrived at the house to play video games. In fact, when Mikey and Pete had dated for a short time, he had thought Pete was cheating on him with Brendon. Eventually, of course, they both agreed they were best friends, nothing more and nothing less. Along with this, Mikey eventually realized the Brendon/Pete relationship was not the case as they were like brothers more than anything else.

These rants had been a normal event whenever Pete's parents made him extremely mad or a bout of depression came to him. He had been there a few times listening to Pete's rants, supplying him with comfort foods and letting him rest away the overwhelming emotions.
His bipolar disorder didn't make these times any less uncommon either.
Mikey walked over, nudging Pete and Brendon softly, both of them slowly waking up. "Hey guys. Wanna do something?" Mikey asked gently not bringing up the reason why Pete was here. "Hey Mikes. If you guys are up for it, Me, you, Ryo, Pete and Patrick could all hang out with Alex and Jack at the skate park and maybe come back here for video games or a movie." Brendon suggested. "Good idea. Let's a go!" Mikey yelled out in his best Mario impression- which wasn't very impressive. "Mikey, you suck." Pete said, putting on his shoes as he rolled his eyes. "And you swallow." He smirked back.

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