The Journal

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(I'm still not 100% sure on the cover, also chapters will be very short, but there will be many more updates) (also I'm making this because my Cicero X Reader is almost over! So here you go!)

Y/N- your characters name
Italic- writing
Brynjolf's POV:

Y/N's Journal

I read the cover of the hardcover, velvet, worn, book slowly. Y/N wasn't around, so it was fair game, besides, it's better that I read it than Delvin... Or pretty much anyone else for that matter. I sat in my quarters on my bed. It was just evening.

I opened to book and read the first page.

Day 1 of joining the Thieves Guild

It is my first day, and I'd be lying if I said I was a little nervous. Because I was extremely nervous... Especially with that Brynjolf guy "checking out my coin purse" and that Delvin guy who thinks he's smooth.

I chuckled, she was right about Delvin, alright! But... "Checking out my coin purse" what did she think meant by- OHHH... She thought I was looking at her... Hindquarters... I blushed abit.

Then I heard quiet footsteps just infront of my door. It was Y/N... And she's kill me if she saw me reading this...

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