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" Hey Jake, want to hang out today after school?" I texted him during the last period.

"  Sorry, cant do. Justin asked me to chill out with them today.."

I clenched my fist in frustration, as reality crashed down. Now that Jake was on the rise,  he was dumping me like last season's Prada?? It had been a few days since Jake became one of the It guys, and he was completely dumping me already! The plan was to start anew as Jake's girlfriend..then snake into the popular crowd. But now, it seems like Jake has turned into one of them..self-centered, lustful, and shallow. that the crowd that i was so desperate to be a part of? Right alongside those slutty b*tches? And what about Nick? If I was with him, there was NO way i could belong in the popular crowd. Was that all i wanted..? To have a large group of "sisters"..but not a single one that i could trust? Or would I rather be in love with Nick and just stay as..the average girl? But I wasnt even sure that he fancied me..I mean i could make any of those jocks fall in love with my body, but Nick was different.

I sighed, as I realised that i was actually doubting my own goals that I had been so certain of just yesterday..

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