Threats & Information

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The first six nights I screamed in protest. It was the first time I'd ever bothered to try and scream since I woke up with no memories, and it was like a slap in the face. My only readily available way to protest what was being done to me was broken. I couldn't scream.

The next two days I focused on trying to break the ropes, which only resulted in them being replaced with handcuffs in my sleep. That had pissed me off beyond imagination. On the tenth night, I started to dream. It was murky, but after a few moments it cleared up.

Kota's warm eyes sought out mine as I pulled off his glasses and cleaned them on my dress. He was smiling happily, looking at me adoringly. Winterball. The word bounced around my brain but I wasn't sure what its significance was.

My hands slid Kota's glasses back onto his face, and I heard myself laugh as I tapped his nose affectionately.

"You look handsome."

His eyes sparkled and he wrapped his arms around my waist, "Thanks. But nothing compares to how you look tonight."

There was a chuckle behind me, to my left somewhere. "Yeah Aggele, even the stars look more dim because of you."

Although the grammar was off, the words were sincere. I wanted to twist around and look for the speaker, but my body wouldn't let me. Instead my mind answered on it's own. Pulling up a name I recognized but couldn't quite understand. Silas.

"Oi, fucker-"

I cleared my throat but the speaker continued without pausing.

"It's dimmer, not more dim."

Silas spoke again, replying to the voice my mind had named as Gabriel. "Same thing. Right? Whatever, I just mean that Aggele looks beautiful. As always."

A sting swept across my face, and my eyes sprang open as tears filled them. Confusion clouded my thoughts, but they were clear enough to recognize that the room was pitch black. Despite the darkness I knew someone stood in front of me.

I meant to sit up, but the handcuffs ripped into my wrists and halted me.

"What in the actual fuck?!" I demanded.

The figure in the room took a step back. They wore a hoodie. Through the darkness I was unable to see anything more than the fuzzy outline of the person. They were breathing heavily. The person moved too quickly for me to comprehend what was going to happen, but that didn't make the slap to the face any less painful.

My head snapped to the side and I let out a gasp. My cheek was already tender. Whoever was in here had already hit me once, probably to wake me up. I felt myself get angry instead of upset, and I growled.

"Anger issues much?"

I don't know what prompted me to taunt the person. Obviously they were sick and twisted in some way that I couldn't ever begin to comprehend, but I couldn't help myself. It was like some part of me was tired, so tired that I was fighting. I was done being submissive in whatever life threw at me.

I was going to fight back.

The figure raised their arm again, I laughed. The hand came down again, this time though it wasn't opened. The person had balled their fingers up into a fist and punched me in the lip. Pain exploded, not only from the hit but also from the way the inner skin of my mouth got caught between my teeth and tore.

I cried out.

The person flinched, and took a step back. There was a beep, a sound of feedback, and then a warbled voice was yelling through the speaker.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?! Get out of her room! Get out now!!"

The person took a step towards me, and I pushed myself away. I wasn't able to get far, because the headboard stopped me, but it was enough. The person in the room halted. They turned on the heels of their feet and marched out of the room, taking the door off to the side. As the door fell shut I heard the soft click of a deadbolt and I felt myself begin to relax.

They were gone, for now at least.

There was a moment of silence and then it was once again interrupted by the beep I knew meant someone was about to talk to me through the speakers.

"You won't talk about them again, or I'll hurt the baby."

The altered voice itself didn't phase me, but the words cut through my very being. I raised my chin, but didn't reply. They might have one this battle, but I was several steps closer to winning the war. I wasn't completely sure what my captors wanted, but they messed up in more ways than one today.

There was more than one. One of them, my attacker, was definitely male. The door was a deadbolt, which was easy enough to break out of. I had been worried it was complicated. They, at least one of them, had also given me important information.

The boy, my attacker, hadn't wanted me to talk about them. His words had confused me momentarily, but it didn't take long to realize what he meant.

I must have been talking in my sleep. And I was dreaming about the boys. He at least, hadn't just taken me. He'd taken me away from the boys. The guy had been angry, pissed even. He'd struck me because of his emotions, not because he'd been trying to roughen me up.

Of course that's assuming that the boy had come in, and then gone out to talk to me through the speakers, and that it wasn't all some elaborate mindscrew.

I let my eyes drop down to my belly. I needed to get out of here.

We need to get out of here, I need to get us out of here, my brain remeinded me as I remembered Clementine. It'd been so long that I'd been taken, that remembering I wasn't the only one seemed crazy. If she'd been taken, surely they'd say something about her too, right? 

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