Sphere's Last Calling

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  • Dedicated to June

The clock strikes the hour

The hour of sphere's last calling

Was it this hour

that was the last sound

of a letter?

A single syllable?

A complex sequence of melodies

made by the human voice?

Was it this hour that the universe stopped moving and listened?

It was the most beautiful hour

everyone has ever heard

It was this hour that

all the celestial objects in the sky gathered to watch Sphere's last calling

Despite her weakened state

she sang loud and clear

singing with a timbre sweeter

than the morning bird's chirp

Singing with thought provoking lyrics that soared high into the troposphere and ever higher into the great void beyond

And dove as low as the abyss in the deepest of oceans

Striking every last one of us in the solar plexus

It was in this hour that

all the world's conundrum

didn't seem to matter

It was this hour

this hour

That everyone stopped,

to listen to Sphere's Last Calling

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