Artichoke and Midget

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Weeks have passed, and everyone forgot about the twister.  Madame Morrible agreed to add me in her sorcery seminar with Elphaba.  Elphaba and I are okay now, so I guess we're friends.

There is a new professor on campus.  I think his name was...Mr. Diamond?  I forgot.  I guess there a new Ozian here at Shiz.

I had to move classes...again.  Because I changed my elective to sorcery, my classes were scattered.  And, it turns out I have history with Professor Dominde...I give up on guessing his name.

Classes haven't started yet.  So I met with Elphaba under the Ungerberry Tree.  She was reading a book with her leg crossed over her knee. 

"Good morning, Miss Elphaba!" I greeted, setting my satchel on the ground.  I sat next her, and she smiled.

"Good morning, Boffle," she greeted back, and then focused her eyes on the book again.

I peeked on the pages of the book.  "What are you reading?"

"Oh!" Elphaba sat up.  She set a bookmark in between the pages and closed the book. She handed it to me.  "The Wizard wrote it.  It's called 'Landed On This Land' and I think its an autobiography."

I slowly flipped through the pages.  It was written Classic Aged Ozian, which was the ancient language Oz used to talk and write in.  It was used way before the Great Wizard came.

Elphaba pointed out pictures on the book, describing what it was and what it meant.  Suddenly, I see dark shadows of three girls hovering over us.  We looked up.

"Aww," Galinda said in her Gilikinese accent, "look at the bookworms!  Artichoke and Midget!"

"Stop calling us that!" Elphaba demanded.  "It's very rude."

"Don't you dare talk to Galinda like that honey," said ShenShen, one of Galinda's friends.  "Besides, you don't have the glamour to talk in that tone."

"Yeah!  Only Glinda can do that!" Pfannee, another of Galinda's friends, agreed.

"Ugh, Pfannee!" Galinda angrily squeeked.  "You keep messing up my name!  Its pronounced GA-linda!"

"Oh, look!" I interrupted.  "Since we don't have the glamour, I guess you girls don't have the smarts!  I mean, she can't even get your name right!"  Elphaba quietly giggled.  She nudged me with her elbow; that means "good job".

"Ugh, whatever," Galinda said, irritated.  "See'ya later, witch!" and they walked off, snickering and yapping.

I looked at Elphaba.  She sighed and sadly looked down.  I saw her tearing up and starting to cry.

"Elphaba, please don't cry," I urged.  I could already see the tears burning her and sinking into her skin.  Apparently, she has a rare condition of being allergic to water.  Every time she would be in contact with it, her skin would burn.

I wiped the tears quickly.  You couldn't see the burns that bad.  "It's okay.  Just ignore them."

"I've been ignoring them!" Elphaba said.  "I've ignoring them for the past month.  And its not working."

I dabbed at her cheeks some more.  She dried up and shoved her books into her bag.  "C'mon, lets go." She sniffled and stood up.  "I want to be there before Galinda does."  So we walked together to our first class of the day.


Our first class was horrible.  Elphaba got laughed at again.  Because Elphaba stood up for Dr. Dillamond, the new Goat professor that had trouble speaking Ozian, Galinda called her a steamed artichoke because she was mad.  I felt bad for her.  I wanted to yell atGalinda but I knew they would get back at me.  I learned my lesson, and I really don't want to talk about it.