Chapter 33

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~Ed's Best Friend~

Chapter 33

Rose's POV

"Well?" Harry's voice breaks me out of my trance, my gaze meeting his as he stands in the door frame with a smirk on his face. He seriously thinks I'm going to say no?

"Of course I want to be your girlfriend dumb ass." I smile widely, jumping into his arms. He doesn't answer, he hugs me back while pressing a passionate kiss on my lips.

I'm officially his girlfriend!


"What time is it?" Harry asks. His arm, where my head was resting on, moves away.

We're lying curled up on my little sofa, watching a movie both of us don't understand. Something about a car crash, that's all I know!

I grab my phone from the coffee table, accidentally shoving the empty cups from the shining object. "4" I tell him after I checked my phone, kneeling down so I can pick the cups up.

"SHIT" He quickly jumps up, still cursing under his breath.

"What's wrong?" .

"I have this interview thing!"

"Uhh... Okay" I murmur, not really knowing how to help him as he puts on his jacket while making his way towards my front door. I jog after him, but he already turns around, bumping into me.

"I forgot! You have to come with me!" He says hysterically, checking his phone again.



After I changed into some presentable clothes and Harry finished his call with the manager, we're finally on our way to a studio somewhere in London.

"Why do I have to come with you again?" I ask Harry who's eyes, full of stress, are focusing on the road.

"Just, because you have to be there for me!" He answers.

He did millions of interviews without me, why would he want me there all of the sudden? I don't bring him to the restaurant either.

We finally reach the studio, a group of screaming girls surrounding it.

"How is this possible? They aren't supposed to know it's here!" Harry says, more to himself than towards me. He grabs his phone, dialing a number and within a couple of seconds his call is being answered.

"Hey Paul!"

"Yeah, I'm kind of stucked her! Anyway can I come in without going through the fans?"

"I have Rose with me!"

"Alright I'll see you in a minute." He ends the call, his head turning towards me.

"They surrounded almost the whole building, but Paul is coming to get you and after that he'll guide me through the girls."

"Oh okay..." I say, my voice trembling. I don't like the idea, I mean I have to go trough the crowd without Harry... Who's Paul anyway? "Who's Paul?" I add.

"Head of security!" He parks the car at the side of the road, while making sure that the girls won't see it. If they'd recognise it we will probably get mobbed or something. Why do these girls have to be so hysteric! Why would you do that anyway? These boys have to think about every step they make!

"Ah there he is!" Harry points at a tall man, black clothes wrapped around his muscalar body, walking trough the crowd of girls. Some even asking for a picture.

"Why would they want a picture with a security guard?" I ask.

That isn't normal anymore.

"Yeah, I don't know!" He chuckles, his eyes sternly fixed on the happenings in front of him.

"It's weird!" I chuckle along.

"Jup" Is the only thing leaving his mouth as he nervously taps his fingers on the steering wheel.

What's up with him?

I start humming along with the song playing in the background.

"Only know you're high when you're feeling low. Only miss the sun when it starts to snow. Only know you love her when you let her go." Passenger sings.

"You like Passenger?" Harry asks surprised. I turn my head towards him, a smile appearing on my face as the good memories flood into my mind.

I start telling him how Passenger was one of the first I saw playing on the street, how I've loved his voice forever and how excited I was when he did some shows with Ed. Before I know it I hear a knock on the door, Paul smiles at us as Harry opens the window.

"So, the plans changed! Harry you're coming with me to meet some fans! And Tom is going to bring Rose inside the studio at the same time! Because that guy from management... Uhmm.. What's his name again?" He tills his head to the side, a questioning look towards Harry on his face.

"Marc?" Harry fills in.

"Yeah, Marc! Anyway he thought it was best that the fans don't know who you're before the interview."

Wait, what? Are they allowed to know after then? I thought we wouldn't go public anytime soon. "And after they can?" I ask, my eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

"Yeah, 'cause th..-" Paul wants to finish his sentence but gets cutt of by Harry.

"I'll explain it to you later, okay! Now you have to go!" And with that he turns his attention towards Paul again, while I get helped out of the car by Tom.

What's wrong with him? What's going on? Why is he doing so detached, half a hour ago we were lying curled up on my sofa, drinking Starbucks.

Harry's POV

I know I'm wrong! I know I'm being an ass! But what do you expect? I'm about to tell the whole word that I'm dating someone! I didn't even got the change to tell my mum!

This is just too much! I need to tell her before I go live.


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