Getting Henry: Dad and Daughter

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Today I don't want to go to school. I hate it there. Too many boring classes.

I remembered my mum said she will be going out of town for a meeting with her client today, which means that Henry will be home alone.

Henry is my step dad, but he's so hot. The first day my mum introduced him to me, my nipples got very hard I wet my panties. I have been trying to hide my attraction to him but today I can't do it anymore.

Since mum is not going to be home, I need to find an excuse for not going to school. I always masturbate to my thoughts of Henry but today I'm going to get the real cock. I can imagine it inside me already and the thought is making me wet.

"Eva, what are you still doing in bed?" Henry asked as he walked into my room.

I was expecting this so I made sure I was lying naked under my sheets.

Henry pulled my sheets back to make me get up but his eyes fell on my big boobs.

His stare lingered longer than I expected and this made my pussy wet.

"I'm sorry, Eva. I didn't know you were naked." He apologized.

His eyes were still on my boobs which made me happy.

I got up from the bed and hugged him. Before he could say anything, I kissed him on his lips.

"Eva, I'm your dad." He said and pulled away from me.

I used the opportunity to lay back on my pillow and stuck my finger into my pink pussy. I started to fingerfuck myself while pressing my boobs with my other hand.

Henry licked his lips which was a good sign.

"Fuck me, daddy." I said.

I gave him my cute eyes and spread my legs wider. I put my finger deeper into my pussy and added a second finger to it. I started to moan loudly while still fingerfucking myself. Henry's cock started to grow bigger. I could see it pushing against his pants.

"Oh fuck!" Henry moaned.

He couldn't take it anymore. He pulled his pants down quickly and pushed his hard cock into my pussy.

I moaned because he was so big. He felt so good, just like I imagined.

"Fuck me faster, daddy." I said.

Henry continued to go in and out of my pussy with his hard cock. I was moaning so loudly until my eyes rolled back. I started to squirt on his cock.

After another ten minutes, Henry spilled his load on my belly. He used his cock to slap my core before getting up.

"You're so much tighter than your mum." He said.

I smiled as he walked out of my room. Inside me I started to feel so jealous of my mum. She got to fuck Henry every time she wanted and I wanted it too.

I couldn't wait for the next time she would go out of town again.

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