What a Good Day

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After a while, I wanted to go back home but Rose was nowhere to be found. I took my phone out and went through my contacts. I stopped at one and called, hoping he was still awake. "Hey Max, do you think you could come and pick me up?" I said as he picked up the phone. "Yeah, give me 10 minutes... And can you give me the adress?" He said. I gave him the adress and hung up. I waited outside for him to arrive. As I walked outside, I saw Ally with the girl from earlier. Wasn't she with Danny 2 minutes ago? Whatever. "Oh hey Bebie! Didn't think you were here!" She said as she took her eyes off the girl. "Don't talk to me Ally." I said. "You think you're better than me uh? You think I'm stupid? I see you Steviiiiie!" She said. She indeed looked stupid. But she was also really drunk. "Ally, you're drunk. And I have to go." I said as Max parked in front of the house. "Alright! Alicia is waiting for me anyway!" She said and stumbled in the stairs.

I woke up with a strong headache and no memories of yesterday's night. There were plenty of empty cups on the floor and toilet paper all over the place. Wasted people were lying on the floor with the cups. I looked at my phone and saw that it was already 7am. Shoot. "Danny! We got to go!" I shouted in the silent house. "Keep it down!" Someone grunted. I found Danny under a pile of empty bottles. "Hey man! Get up. We're going!" I said as I took his arm and dragged him out. "It's too early Hills." He said, not even opening his eyes. "Yeah, well we're late for school. So man up! We're going home to change." I said and started driving.

It was quiet at home. My dad and my mom were probably still sleeping. We went to my room and Danny took one of my black shirt and put it on. I took a pair of black pants and white shirt and got changed. I brushed my teeth and my hair before I put some makeup on to look more alive. I looked back to Danny and he was already asleep on my bed. "Ugh, I ain't got time for that. Wake up! Or you can forget your daily visits home." I said. "Okay, I'm up!" He said and got up quickly.

School was pretty empty. The only person here were the one who usually hang out at the library. Others clearly just came back from the party. They looked pale, tired and they were wearing yesterday's clothes. I don't know their wardrobes but their clothes were dirty and dusty. The bell rang for first period and I rushed to class.

"I see that some of you had a little bit of fun yesterday. Wake up Mr. Jason!" Said the teacher as she slammed her hand on the desk. The door opened and both Ally and Danny were trying to sneek into class. "Padilla, Hills! Detention after school." Said the teacher as she turned quickly. "I know you and I have a strong connection miss but... We don't need to see eachother after school." Ally said, playing it cool as always. "Sit down." Answered the teacher. "Clearly, you can have everything." I said smirking and winking at Ally as she sat at the desk next to me. "Miss Boebi. Detention for you too. Silence is required in my class." The teacher said. "Someone is in one of those mood!" Ally said. The class started to laugh. I actually laughed a bit.

Great. Detention. With Stevie. Danny hasn't said a word. He was just looking at me with the biggest smile. "Stop doing that, dork!" I said. It was the last word I've said during first period. It ended at the sound of the bell. "See you later!" I said to Stevie as I got up to leave.

This day was a long one. Yes I was tired from last night but the teachers were so boring! I went to the detention room and Stevie was already there. "The new school badass is here!" I said. She looked away, awkwardly. "So, how is your straight life going?" I asked, taking a seat next to her. "It's going fine. How do you even remember?" She said. "Funny. I don't even know!" I said, laughing. "Did you see Danny?" I added. "No." She said abruptly. "Fine! The badass attitude is real here!" I sais sarcasticly. "Oh please... Look who's talking! Miss Ally I'm talking trash Hills!" She said, looking at me. I laughed awkwardly and looked back at her. "I'm not that bad..." I said, blushing at her comment. "Woh! Is Ally Hills blushing!" She said. "Oh shut up straight woman!" I said as Danny entered the room. "Finally! What were you doing?!" I asked him, completly forgetting about Stevie.

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