Adam and I have the same homeroom and of course our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Frasch doesn't like us. She's always picking on us, because we are always laughing, mainly because Adam has Photoshop. He got hold of Mrs. F's high school senior year prom pics, and cut off her head and replaced it with a hyena's head. Let me tell you it's the most disturbing site you will ever see. So every time I see her, that picture fills my mind and I start laughing, and Adam joins me, but for some reason I'm always the one who gets detention.

We made a pit stop at our lockers on the way to homeroom. I had forgotten my sketch book in my locker and I have Art first period. There are only three subjects I enjoy; Art, because it's what I'm good at, Spanish, because I can speak the language fluently and Biology because it's the only class Jake and I have without any of his fan club members. 

As we walk to our seats, some whore trips me, that whore being Tiffany. Instead of retaliating, I just pick up my stuff and pull Adam away before he says something that will get us both in trouble. Tiffany has practically everyone in the whole school wrapped around her finger. And she can make your life a living hell if you cross her path. The only person she doesn't do anything to is Adam, because he has dirt on her, but that doesn't mean she can't be mean to me. It doesn't help that she's beautiful and rich either. I hate people like her, I really do.

We take our seats at the back, and Adam hands me a paper.  It's the picture of Mrs. F. and as luck would have it, Mrs. F walks in and pinpoints me. 

"Miss Martins, would you mind sharing that joke with the rest of us?" she asks harshly. Bitch. 

"No Ma'am, its ok" I say. 

"That's it, detenti...." But before she can sentence me to detention for the whole of eternity, my phone starts ringing.

...Black dress with the tights underneath 

It's Adams personalized ringtone.

I pick up my phone, and answer it, knowing that Adam hung up. 

I start nodding seriously and I hang up.

"And?" Mrs. F asks, obviously irritated. 

"Oh, Miss, I'm so sorry, that was Adam's grandfather Bob, he's dying in hospital and his last wish is to see me and Adam." I say. 

Adam bursts out laughing, but quickly covers it up with an exaggerated sob.

Before Mrs. F says anything, the bell rings and we're the first ones out. 

"Bob?! Are you serious? I don't even know a Bob!!!" Adam says. We are both laughing so hard. And everyone is just staring at us. If life doesn't work out and I don't become a world renowned artist Adam and I are going to make a sex tape because we've got mad acting skills.

Tiffany the whore and her group of sluts pass us and she says, "Freaks" loud enough for everyone to hear. 

"Cross dresser" Adam says to her. Before Tiffany the whore can say anything I run off in the opposite direction. I wasn't even going to try to be a part of that fight.

I bump into Jake and my papers fly everywhere of course, just like the movies. I'm in too good a mood to even notice that he's helping me pick up my sketches. 

"Thanks" I say and I turn around to go back to Adam to tell him of my totally awesome encounter with Jake. 

"Who's awesome?" I say to Adam, trying to show off my coolness. 

"You're not?" he says and we start laughing. 

"Whatever. Now I'm so not gonna tell you what happened" I say and head towards the Art lab. 

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