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William looked over at the human world. All of them happy people living there lives. A sigh escaped from his mouth, not to be missed by the one person he didn't want to be around right now, Grell. Grell was his partner for this job, which didn't excite him very much.
"You miss her don't you?" Grell asked. For once in his life, Grell was almost quite. William didn't respond, he just kept looking at the city. "I know I do. I don't know how your managing" William looked at the red haired man. He had to admit that he wasn't doing well at all. She was the one person that made him smile, actually smile. It hit him hard when she went. William felt a lump grow in his throat. He turned away from the human world. This was his first job in the field he had been on since it happened. He was scared to go on this job, and he had every right to be. He couldn't save her. As much as he tried he couldn't save her. The worst bit wasn't even her dying, it was the fact that he didn't die along side her. It was too soon and she was too young. Of course William blames his self, even with all the reassurance that it wasn't. That's the thing though isn't it, you often do blame yourself when you lose someone close to you. Her smile and face haunts his mind. Oh the pain it caused him now. But to think, before she died William had felt true happiness for the first time. She gave him the happiness only for it to be ripped from him.

"So these are this years new recruits?" William asked. He got an answer and looked at them all. Most were men but a few were female. Everyone looked so proper and formal. Everyone except one. A girl of about (height) with (h/c) hair. She has the biggest grin on her face ever. This of course was (y/n). She wasn't at all formal. Her tie was extremely loose, her top few buttons were undone and her jacket sleeves were rolled up. William pushed his glasses up his face as he walked to her. The grin she had slowly faded away as he looked at her. He buttoned up her top buttons, tightened her tie and unrolled her sleeves.
"If you are to pass these exams you are to behave accordingly. Sloppy behaviour will not be tolerated" William said in a serious matter. Everything bright and chirpy about (y/n) seemed to be gone, well... more like hidden. Inside she was buzzing. She was finally getting her chance to be a reaper. William gave the lecture about what it means to be a reaper and how important it is to make sure there are no mistakes. (Y/n) was listening but couldn't grasp onto a word he said.
"Does any body have any questions?" He asked. A few people put their hands up and (y/n) was one of them. William answered all questions smoothly and then it got to (y/n).
"Mr. Spears. Can you tell me why we are here?" She asked. People looked at her strangly. Her tie was loose again and the top buttons of her shirt undone.
"We are here to learn all the information you will need to know before you become a reaper" William answered.
"Yes I know that bit, but are we here? As in why aren't we having a look around and seeing people work and leaning that way" (y/n) had an extremely innocent look about her face. William closed his eyes and pushed his glasses up. "I know id certainly benefit from watching people work." Some of the other students started to agree with her.
"Miss (l/n). I have come to the conclusion that you are going to be a trouble maker. However, your views do have some good points backing them up, so if you would like to come with me I will show you some reapers working." William said. (Y/n) was so excited she was almost shaking.

She trailed behind William as he lead the group through some corridors. They came to a halt, looking over a balcony at a load of people do paperwork.
"I am unable to show you some reapers actually out in the field due to the fact that you are all new recruits, however I am happy to show you these reapers." (Y/n)'so face went blank of emotion as William spoke these words. Was this all she was going to be doing? No she was made for more than this.
"Is that it?" She spoke with verbal diarrhoea. She didn't want to speak up, but when she did, she instantly regretted it. William explained to her personally everything there is to being a reaper and her smile came back. This was going to be a job she really enjoyed.

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