Chapter 48- Fine

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Chapter 48- Fine

I lie with my head on Dylan's chest as he strokes his fingers through my hair, "I love you so much, princess." he whispers and I smile, leaning up to kiss him.

My phone buzzes and I frown, who is messaging me now? Seriously, are homosapians nocturnal?

Mr. Michaelis, 5:13am: Maya, I cant sleep. She said no.

I read the message and my eyes widened. Ruby said no? But I thought she liked Sebastian?

Me, 5:13am: I'll be there in 5

I stand up, "I'm just going to go see Sebastian. I'll be back just now. Ruby rejected him." I say and Dylan laughs, "I'm assuming he is not taking it well, he's never been rejected before." he states.

"Can I use your hoodie?" I ask and Dylan rolls his eyes, "As if I have a choice." he states and I laugh, walking to his closet.

I wonder why Ruby said no...

I change and pull one of Dylan's hoodies on, I know it's his favorite one and so he wears it so much that it smells like him and he smells awesome.

I quickly kiss his cheek as he leans against his headboard and smiles, "I'll see you in a few, right?" He asks and I nod, "Adios mi papa [Bye my potato]." Dylan says and smiles as I walk out the door, "Callate, perdedor [Shut up, loser]." I say and stick my tounge out at him.

Once I'm out of Dylan's house, I run a few blocks down to Sebastian's house. I call him and he walks outside without a jacket, "Aren't you freezing?" I ask, hugging myself and rubbing my hands against my arms. He shrugs and looks down at his hands. "What happened, why did she say no?" I ask, confused.

He doesn't answer. A few seconds later, my phone buzzes and Ruby's number shows up on my phone,

UrFavR3dhead, 5:22pm: Oh my gosh! Sebastian asked me out but I said no! I know it was stupid but he doesn't like me. Sure, he flirts with me and he is really sweet but he is not my type. He is just a crush that I thought was never going to happen. Maya, I was silly but I couldn't say yes and there was only one real reason  why I said no. Ughh I said no to my crush, I'm such a weirdo. I'm going to be a cat lady. I know, I am going to name all seventy of my cats and they are all going to be black because I just seem to have this aura of bad luck. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. *sighs* okay I'm done, I think.

Me, 5:23: Wait, what's the reason you said no?

UrFavR3dhead, 5:23: Isn't it obvious, Sebastian likes you, not me?

I stare down at my phone with a frown, "Everything okay, Mai?" Sebastian whispers, his breath leaving cold smoke in the air. I look up at him, "Is it true?" I ask slowly and Sebastian walls closer to me, trying to see what's on my phone.

He stands a foot away from me and reads Ruby's text upside down. He looks up at me and suddenly, he pulls me into him, pressing his lips aggressively against mine. His lips are so soft, wow.

No, what's happening? What about Dylan?

"M-Maya?" I hear a voice whisper. I turn to look at Dylan as he shivers, his lips look blue. He looks between Sebastian and I, hurt and confusion are obvious in his eyes. I start walking towards him, shaking my head but every step I take foward, he takes back, I stop walking and so does he.

No. No. No.

"Dylan, it's not-" I start but he shakes his head, "I'm not mad." he states nonchalantly. I frown, "You're not?" I ask, surprised.

He keeps shaking his head, tears forming in his eyes, "I'm not hurt."

"I'm not broken."

"I'm okay."

"Dylan-" I start.

"Fine. I'm... Fine." He whispers, his voice breaking.


Dylan's POV

I try to blink away the tears but more come. I'm a guy, I'm not supposed to cry. That's what everyone tells me.

"No, I'm sorry, it's definitely not what it looks like." Maya says. I frown, "Why are you apologizing?" I ask. "Because I hurt your feelings. I'm sorry, I lo-" Maya says but I cut her off, "My feelings...? You don't need to worry about those, nobody else ever did." I state and shrug.

I'm acting like its nothing but in reality, it's breaking my heart. It weird, I can actually feel the pain in my chest, like my heart is being pulled down and being slowly pulled apart.

That's the thing about falling in love, you start expecting and that just ruins everything.

I smile and when I do, I see the confusion clear in Maya and Sebastian's face. I thought he was my best friend. He took my girl. Why is it that if you care to little, you loose the person but if you care too much, you get hurt?

Why does it hurt so much?

The worst kind of pain is when you smile, just to stop yourself from crying, the worst part is I have never smiled harder.

Yeah, maybe I'm over exaggerating. I hurt her before and she forgave me. I would forgive her for absolutely anything else, she could have stabbed me and I would have forgiven her but this is my weak spot. I would never ever have cheated on her. Never.

I should be used to it by now, I should have seen it coming. It's happened before. Why did I let my guard down? I swore I would never do it again, I should have listened to myself.

Stupid Olivia.
Stupid dad.
Stupid Maya.
Stupid Sebastian.

"You know what, Maya, as they say, the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies." I state and turn around, running as fast as I can.

I hear Maya sprinting after me, "Dylan, wait!" She shouts, out of breath. I run into my house and slam the door, falling onto my knees and letting the tears make rivers down my cheeks.

I always promised I would never let anyone see me cry, that's why I had to cry myself to sleep for a whole year, because that's the one place people can't see my tears.

"Dylan?" I hear a small voice say. I look up to see Carly standing by the stairs in pink, fluffy pajamas.

"Carly, do me a favour and never fall in love." I whisper, standing up and walking to my room.

That night was the first time in two years that I cried myself to sleep.



Qotd: "I've been in love. It's painful, pointless and overrated."
- Damon Salvatore

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