Chapter One - Part Two

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Part Two

This time when I awoke, my body flew forward. It was still dark out but a fire had be lit in the center of my tent. The old woman and tall man were there again. They had been speaking when both silenced at my entry back into the place. A moment passed before the woman placed a towel back onto my head and started speaking. This time she was speaking to me.

Words were jumbling together the faster she spoke. I could tell she wanted a response but nothing jogged any memory. I didn’t know the language she was speaking, not even a little. When I didn’t reply, the man yelled and slammed his fist into some stacked. I could tell the blurry objects had gone flying.

They tried this for a long time. I couldn’t really speak and even if I could there wasn’t anything I could say. This went on until the sun started to rise again. Finally, when the room lit up more thoroughly, I could make out several other figures that had been sitting hauntingly quiet in the corners of the room. This was some sort of trial and tensions were high.

“P-please, I can’t understand you.” I was able to get the words out as my frustration hit a breaking point. It sort of hurt my throat to talk and my voice was hoarse like I’d been screaming really loud for a very long time. They grew silent when I spoke and the woman crawled from the room on her hands and knees. I didn’t know what I said to frighten them or maybe it was that I said anything at all but it made the tension in the room high.

Nobody spoke after that. Instead, they all left and spoke outside of the room under the assumption I couldn’t hear them. I guess they knew at this point I couldn’t understand whatever it was they said. It also seemed my words had scared my normal attendant away as the young man was the only person who came in to help me after that. He didn’t seem to be afraid. In fact, he liked to talk to me a lot. I know this because instead of ordering me around or making statements at Bin-Rah, he spoke casually and even laughed at points.

I never did. I tried my best not to seem confused and I wasn’t afraid. When my legs started to feel better he would move them up and down to work the muscles again. They were prepping me to walk and I couldn’t have been more pleased. The hours sitting and watching blurred figures while people spoke to me in a language I couldn’t think of were almost over. The sweaty pillow and stale air might soon be a thing of the past.

The day I was ready, my one and only friend wherever I was seemed incredibly excited for me. He opened what I could assume was a flap to the bright outside and I realized I was indeed in a tent or hut. He and another man were there to monitor my balance while a long row of figures awaited me out front. It seemed like a bit much for a stranger’s first walk and that was if I could even do it.

When my foot hit the soft ground below I realized it was sand. I must have been in a desert. This should have been obvious. I allowed my toes to get warm in the velvet ground and placed the second foot down. To my surprise, standing was the easy part. Keeping my balance was the problem however the men acted like crutches for me and kept me steady.

My friend stated to me a phrase I knew was the clear to walk. I moved my leg forward and took my first step again. A tear fell down my face as a flood of joy washed over me. I wasn’t paralyzed. Another step and I was a fully functioning person. We were moving slowly but we had been moving all the same.

Once outside of the tent, the direct sunlight washed over me in a heat I couldn’t have prepared myself for. I was now thankful the man and woman before him had been washing me down with the liquid as I may have baked in that hut without it. I was even less familiar with this setting than I was before but it didn’t matter. Even the hot of the sand under my feet was refreshing. I knew I could feel but it was nice to know the range of feeling I’d had in my legs.

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