Chapter 1- Broken Dreams

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-Perez Apartment

This can't be happening right now, seriously?! Where in this complex world is my Christian Louboutin Daffodil heels? Miranda, you better run and hide next time I see you!

I huffed whilst frantically searching my apartment to get the pair of heels I desired at the moment. Since my apartment wasn't at all like the elite, it was simple and modish as typical as the ones in New York.

I got this little abode a month ago, finally, after bursting a lot of tables and working my holy behind off at the old Hard Rock cafè downtown. Being a waitress and a chef wasn't at all easy, picture yourself managing food for seven tables each consisting of two to five persons and then waiting for those tables for customer satisfaction...all at once.

Yes, it's a lot and it's hectic!

And before you go to criticize me and ask if I am at all educated, well let me enlighten you. I am...I graduated with a degree in Business Management and did a full course, in interior designing and decorating. As a young girl, I've always loved decor and's the best!

I still can't find those heels!

Letting out an arrogant huff, once again, I ran to the mirror I bought a week ago and had it bolted onto the cream wall of my apartment.

The mirror bordered planes were of a black hue and it contrasted well with the cream. The brown wrap dress I bought fitted my body to perfection, just showing off my hourglass petite figure but not too much of my womanly abundances. It ended just above my knee which I was grateful for.

I had my ember hair tied up in a high ponytail and my make-up, simply done. Just adding a lovely shade of rose-brown matte lipstick to my lips which I got at the drugstore for less than ten dollars.

Talk about cheap thrills! I love it!

I paired it with my matching blazer and my brown handbag. Taking up a pair of brown stud earrings, I finished my look off with the ankle strap nude heels I had.

Okay...this is suitable enough for a job interview. Hmm, okay, let's go!

I grabbed my keys to my baby, my white Camaro, which I was still paying the loan for.

As you can see, I have a lot of bills and loans to pay out for so that's why I have to keep up with an all-rounder job to make ends meet. Life isn't a bed of roses, they'd say. I know by buying a car, such as a Camaro, would be too much to chew on my plate but I am an adult and I always say- desire comes with responsibility.

Well, I'm damn right!

My subconscious chided and I rolled my eyes as I walked to the elevator. The Sam Worthingfield's building was comprised of apartments for rent which I successfully, by the grace of God, got one. It wasn't anything fancy and elite but it was sustainable for the average persons who are trying to make a living here in the big city.

I waved to Mr. Kalven, the security guard, an old man who usually stays in the parking lot for Sam Worthingfield's guests' cars. I spotted my baby and quickly got in.

As I reached the gates, Mr. Kalven popped his head out from the booth, smiling at me. "Good morning, Mr. Kalven, I am finally heading to the interview today", I beamed.

The salt and pepper headed man smiled even wider as his eyes squinted. "Oh I hope you get it, my dear, all of my luck is with you today", he replied with a Southern-accented tone. I chuckled and bid him farewell, before making it onto the freeway and on my way to the heart of New York.

-Elliot Incorporate

I've heard a lot about the Elliot Industries and I've always dreamt of working there. Basically, the Elliot Industries is a wide range of companies owned by the man himself, a multi-millionaire playboy, Ian Elliot.

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