Chapter one

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"Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck !! I can't do this ! How could it be possible for a normal person to learn that much in only one night !" I told myself .
I was so exhausted from my day of school but tomorrow it will be the holidays !

At the same time my dad came in my little office next to my bedroom.

My father is Emmanuel Ricci .

We live me and my "familia" in a huge mansion.

My father is the Italian mafia boss in America, he is really wealthy but all his money come from deals , murders

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My father is the Italian mafia boss in America, he is really wealthy but all his money come from deals , murders ... My dad is a cold man but he is my dad and I love him even if he is the heartless person on earth... He only care about me , my mama and my "familia" . My "familia" is all the Italian mafia . It means family in Italian. In my blood related family we are Italian mafia bosses since 1900 .
Anyway, let's get back in our story shall we ?

"Camilla! Mi amor what are you doing ?" He said with tired eyes.

"I'm working on an exam I have tomorrow at college"

"Bella why are you working so hard at school, I'm proud of you and all but you will not need it later when you will be married to..." I cut him.

"I will not marry one of your men or whoever or whatever have a relation with the mafia."

His cold eyes were back... His eyes were piercing mine and I knew I shouldn't have said that but he started it all .

"First , it's not because you are my figlia that you have the right to cut me when I talk okay !" He shouted at my face . He was now right in front of me.

"Secondly you are not marrying one of my "men", you are marrying the next Italian mafia boss , am I clear ?" His face was expressionless. When he said it he was too calm , a dangerous calm. I knew him , he had a bad day so I was just going to shut up like always and say what he wanted to hear :

"yes papà ."

"Good. Now bella , dinner will be served in 5 minutes" He said before turning around and left.

Since I'm born my dad wants me to marry Angelo Rossati, he is so boring and all he cares about is his future in the mafia! I can't marry him he is not a man for me at all. I really have to graduate college in business then I could leave this country and build my own company and win my own money. Something good about this family is the fact that we are all really ambitious and we all have a huge character. I never shut up , only with my father . I'm not an easy woman . I never had any boyfriends in my entire life and I'm 19 but I don't care! At the moment all I want it's to reach my goals in life.

I looked at my watch and "oh shit the dinner!" I told my self.

I headed down stares to our dinning room. Like always my dad is at the end of the table , his right arm Dominico at his left , my mom at his right , Angelo next to Dominico and me next to my mother and in front of Angelo .

Angelo couldn't stop staring at me and it was way too embarrassing. I gave him my most beautiful fake smile.
My dad's phone started buzzing on the table witch made Angelo look at my father. Yes!

"Ciao" he said in his Italian accent "no I don't give a fuck! Find this figlio de cagna !" he said screaming into phone, my mom was looking at him like she was going to kill him.

When my father noticed her he calmed down in 2 seconds and said "Find him , I want to meet him and tell him in face what I will do if he doesn't stop" then he hanged up . My dad is always rude with everyone.

"Is it about Tino ?" Dominico said.

I was to curious "who is Tino ?" I asked.
I usually know the name of every person who is important in the famila and I had never heard this name before .

"Valentino Albrizzi" Angelo started.

"He is 24 years old and he his really powerful for his young age. He is Italian as well but he created 6 years ago his own Italian mafia , he became the Italian mafia boss of all Europe and he represents the Italian mafia in the world except in America . And now he wants your father's business !" he said in an angry ton.

"Cazzo" added Dominico.

"oh... and why are you guys calling him Tino and not Valentino ?" I said.

" Because he says that no one can call him Valentino and if someone says his first name this person will have big problems. " my dad replied with a dark smile.

"Yeah, for him when you call him Valentino it's disrespectful , nobody really know why " Angelo said.

"And when I will meet him I will call him by his first name. " My dad's voice was so dark.

"Okay! Stop! Now lets eat tutti " Said my mother with her amazing smile...

My mom, Maria Ricci is so gorgeous , she was a model before meeting my dad . My dad is not bad as well . Both of them are really "hot" . My dad is really tall, muscular , not that bad for a 45 years old man , with a defined jawline , hazel eyes, brown hair, tan skin and he is always wearing suits . My mom is tall but not too much , she has clear brown hair with green eyes , a white skin, her make up and hair are always well done , her body is perfect and she is a fashion designer so her outfits are always on point even if she is 40 years old . Then there is me, I'm tall, I have long brown hair with green eyes , I eat healthy and I love sport ! Yeah I know but I really like it , I love make up and clothes but I also love guns , cars and money . It's not because I hate the mafia that I hate guns and money , it's a part of my education that's all . People call me beautiful but I don't care for me what's count it's what you have inside.

After the dinner I went into my bedroom. I didn't knew but the next day will be the day when all my life will change ...

So guys it was the first chapter ! Hope u enjoyed it ! You can see camilla's mansion in the text . (Camilla doesn't have tattoos , the pic at the beginning is just in the theme of the story ).

And if you want translation with the Italian vocabulary remember google is your best friend xx.

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