Three: Pepsi-Cola Flasback

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My heart raced as I walked up to him. "Hey John." I smiled kinda trying to keep my poker face. "Hey Dave!" John smiled showing his wonderful buck teeth. "D-Do you want to go out some time?" I asked as the voices in my head laughing as I was nervous. "Sure buddy!" He smiled bigger making my heart melt. "Sweet so after school?" He gave me a nod and ran off the class. 'I have a date with John fucking Egbert! Hell yeah!' I cheered silently.

I ran to my math class ready to leave this hell. Math is easy, I guess just add some numbers.

-After school-

I waited by the entrance of the school. John popped out with Vriska giggling. "Hey John." I said cooly. Vriska looked at me then smiled at John. "Talk to yea later ::::)" The spider troll walked off only to pick on another troll with robo legs. "So, what do you want to do?" I asked rocking on my heels. He put a hand on his chin as if stroking a bread. "Wanna watch the Deadpool movie?" I only chuckled as he decided the R-rated movie. I gave a nod and grabbed his hand, heading to the theater. John had a look of awkwardness but he let it go.

We took our seats in the very front with our popcorns and sodas. "Dave, why did you ask me out?" I almost sip out my soda. "Because you're hot, kind, and smart!" I blushed as the words slipped out my mouth. John gave an odd smile and turned to the screen. 'Did I just fuck up?!' I watched the movie as well hoping John feels the same.


It's been a year and me and John still haven't kissed. Anytime I bring it up, he just says he's not ready and texts someone. I need to ask who he's talking to and if he loves me. "John, we need to talk." I entered his bedroom as he hung up the phone with a quick bye. "What's up, davey?" He gave his same goofy smile that made me melt. "U-um John...why don't we...kiss?" I looked down annoyed that I was nervous. "Dave, honey, look I'm just not ready." He wrapped his skinny arms around my waist.

"When will you be ready? It's been a year." I looked up at him. His blue eyes shined with guilt. 'Why is he guilty?' John pushed some of my blonde locks out of my eyes. He is the only one, other than bro, who has seen them. "Dave I-" A sharp knock ran through the almost empty house. "John, let me in or I'll get angry! ::::/" Vriska spoke loudly. The door opened and closed meaning..she had a key? I made sure to lock the door when I came in. The spider troll walked in the room wearing very little clothes. "Vriska?! What the hell?" I was pissed, how dare she try and hit on my John! "You're early..." He whispered softly hoping I didn't hear.

My eyes became glassy and tears fall quickly. "J-john?" He looked down at the ground. "Ohh, he didn't tell you..yikes." She grabbed John's jacket and covered her slim body. "I'm sorry, I just didn't want to see you upset." He was clearly more upset with himself then I was. "Screw you! I hate both of you!" I ran out of the horrible house crying my heart out. "Little man, what's wrong?" My older brother, Dirk, said as I ran into his chest. I didn't reply only cried, him and Jake rubbed my back helping me chill out.

My heart was hurt for so long but I have Karkat..

(Yo, hey! I know this is horrible *wipes my tears* But it will get better!! I promise! Please don't kill me!!)

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