Tsuna In The Past Part 1

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Giotto was walking down the hallway of the Vongola mansion when he felt his hyper intuition go off. As he continued down the hallway his intuition was becoming more and more of a pain, he decides to stop walking to his destination and stand still for awhile to see if that would help the headache that was forming. Nothing seemed to work and Giotto finally understood why his intuition was going haywire, for some unknown reason a teenage boy landed right in front of him out of no where. The teenager had the same hairstyle as he did but instead of blonde hair the teenager had brown hair, instead of blue eyes the boy had brown eyes. Giotto looked at the boy for a few minutes and noted that the teenager seemed highly confused and frightened, so Giotto did the one thing he thought would help which was trying to ask the boy who he was by kneeling in front of him. That seemed to only confuse him some note which after listening to the boy he found out why, he was Japanese not Italian so of course he would be confused when talked to in a language he couldn't understand. Finally speaking Japanese Giotto asked the boy who he was and where he came from. "My name is Tsunayoshi but just call me Tsuna and I am from Japan and I have no clue where I am or how I got here." The boy named Tsuna finally speaks which Giotto seemed very fond of the teenagers very gentle and sweet sounding voice. "Right now you are in the Vongola Italy base which is also my home and the home to a few of my friends and guardians." Giotto explains to Tsuna which gets him and even more confused and frightened stare. "Ummm this might sound like a dumb question but what year is it and what is your name?" Tsuja asks Giotto. "It is year °°°°(I have no clue when Giotto was boss) and my name is Giotto but most people call me Primo." Giotto responds to the young male. "Ah dam seems like Lambo's bazooka messed up again I wonder who he let fix it this time... Probably that idiotic man again... Well I wonder when I can head back to my own timeline. Wait wait Primo, Giotto, oh dam I am 400 years into the past what am I going to do, how am I oppose to explain this to people who don't even have internet or t.v yet, never mind owning a time machine in the form of a bazooka!" Tsuna says as he is rambling on completely forgetting that Giotto is standing right in front of him listening to every word the male is saying. "So you come from 400 years into the future and what is this about a time machine bazooka? Can you please stop mumbling and explain what is going on and who you really are? Since I find it highly weird that you look like a younger version of me just with different hair and eye color." Giotto says in his boss voice which makes Tsuna look up at him in amazment and fear.

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