Chapter 1

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I watch as she takes a drink from the bar and walks to the dance floor. I watch as she smiles at the man she met tonight who has been buying her drinks.

That's her trend, buying one drink for herself in the beginning of the night before she finds the single man standing on his own and flirts until he buys her drinks the rest of the night.

She is gorgeous. Everything she does, is a beauty to me. The way she smiles while she dances to the beat and her bright blues eyes in the dark room.

See, I'm just her bartender. We have one exchange every night, during that one drink she buys. I get a smile and wink before she over tips me and walks away for the rest of the night.

She will go home with him. It's a fact and even  being one of the guys that gets her there, I hate it. Men or women, they'll be going home with her.

My coworker / roommate notices I've been watching her tonight and nudges me

"He's shorter than her this time" Jason jokes with me while filling up a beer.

I clean a glass in the sink before filling it with ice, "at least it's not that pink haired girl she was with for a week or so"

"Yeah, she scared me" Jason laughs and goes back to his end of the bar.

I wish I knew her; I wish I knew her story.

She goes in for the kiss and the man smiles, holding her close, ignoring the beat of the music. They stand, making out for a while before she moves away.

I've seen this all before, she'll next whisper in his ear. He'll smile and nod before coming over to close his tab and leave the bar.

"Hey man, Tucker is the last name on the tab" he hands me his card and I nod. James Tucker is about to get laid.

I run his card and hand the receipt to him to sign. She stands behind him and smiles at me, showing me her beautiful smile that I've slowly falling for.

I don't know her name. I don't know if she's in college. I don't know where in New York she's living. But I know her routine and I know I'll see her tomorrow.

Some days I wish it were slow so I could sit and talk with her for hours. At least know her name.

"You're all set man" I hand him his card back and he smiles

"Where are you from?" He asks noting my accent

"Born in UK, raised there until I moved her for uni"

She steps forward listening to me, standing next to this James Tucker. "No way man, how come New York?"

"I studying medicine and United States has more advanced medicine than the UK, New York accepted me first" I clean the bar where a drunk kid spilt his beer.

She smiles at me and opens her mouth to speak but James Tucker nods and walks away. She follows close behind, not turning to look but I know I'll see her tomorrow.

"Styles, you're cut" my boss comes from the back door and let's me know I'm good for the night.

"Could you just leave the door unlocked tonight? I left my keys" Jason takes over my spot and I nod to his request. "Looks like someone was a little more interested than normal"

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