Niall’s POV

Oh how I hate group meetings, actually, I absolutely hate being part of that gang. Yeah I am part of a gang. I killed people before, and now I feel guilty about killing them. I sell drugs and all that stuff. I am not proud of that. I am forced to be in a gang. My dad was part of it, and I have to do it too.

I have come to a decision; I will not be part of that group anymore. I quit. I walked up to the alley between the bar and an apartment. We usually hold meeting there. Jeremiah, Aaron and Jason were waiting there, smoking on weed.

I leaned on a wall, waiting for Kyle and the rest to come.

Aislinn’s POV

I fished out my notebook from my locker. I was about to put it in my bag, when someone grabbed it. I turned around and came face to face with Derek. The biggest jerk and player in school.  He held the notebook high up in the air. I tried to get it. But Derek being 6ft 3, and me being 5ft 6, I couldn’t get it. He started running, and I ran after him. He entered the girls bathroom and threw the notebook in the toilet.

“Get it now.” Derek smirked and spat on my face. I wiped it off with the back of my hand. I fished out the notebook from the toilet and held it in two fingers. I walked home. As I walked home, I noticed someone. I walked faster and there he was, lying in front of the gates of the house. 

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