chapter 1

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Ethan was leaving for the weekend to go to Atlanta with Nate filming something.
Graysons pov

"Bro can you pass me my shorts"

I pass him his shorts not looking to happy.

"What's wrong"

I look him in his eyes.

"I don't like being here alone you know that" I say looking at the ground.

"Bro you'll be fine" he says chuckling.

I smile and watch him zip up his suitcase.

He walks down the hallway and I follow him, he approaches the door and looks back at me.

"See you when I get back" he says as he starts walking to the elevator.

"Bye" I walk back to my room, I pass the couch and stub my toe.

"Fuck" I shout.

I cover my mouth hoping that the neighbours didn't hear me.

I walk back to my room tensing my teeth.

"Well Grayson you've got a whole weekend to yourself spend it wisely". I laugh at myself.

All of a sudden I hear my phone ring.

I struggle trying to find it.

I answer it.


"Hey Grayson"

"Meredith?" I say wondering why her number isn't in my phone.

"Yeah, sorry for the random call but I'm here with Bryant and he's wondering where you are"

"Oh my gosh I totally forgot I be there soon" I say hanging up and rushing in my closet.

"Godamn it Grayson good way to embarrass yourself in front of Meredith"

I grab my clothes and put them on.

I also grab some nikes and rush to put them on.

I get a uber and rush once again.

Merediths pov

"Grayson" I shout as I watch him get out of the uber

I startled him but looks up and smiles.

"Meredith" he says in his deep voice.

Jesus I love when he says my name.

"Um Bryant wants you he's over by that car"

"Thanks" he starts walking over to Bryant.

I've known Ethan and Grayson ever since I was little but I've always been shy in front of Grayson.

*after the shoot with Bryant*

"Hey Grayson"

"Hey what's up"

"Do you want to go out for lunch today?" I say shyly.

He goes red and says yes.

A spark of happiness goes off in my stomach.

We get in the uber and drives to a cafe.

We get stopped by fans as soon as we get out of the car.

Finally after 20 years we get into the cafe and order.

"Oh my gosh this drink is so good"

"Slow down" Grayson says laughing.

"Why should I" I chuckle.

He chuckles back.

There is a arkward silence that goes on for about 2 minutes

"So how's Ethan going?" I ask breaking the silence.

"He's fine he's gone on a trip with Nate" He says looking down.

What the fuck is he doing?

Checking me out?!

I'm not saying I don't like it, it's just surprising.

"Well that must be fun"

He's still looking down checking me out.

He looks up and stares in my eyes.
Then looks down.

"Um can I ask you a question..." He says while fiddling with his fingers.

"Yeah what's up"

"Well do you want to um maybe.."

"Spit it out Grayson" I say laughing.

He looks down and takes a deep breath.
"Do you want to...

Chapter 0.2 coming soon...

Sorry it's so short!!

Oh and this sucks ok


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