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Pen Your Pride

The First Rift

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   Long ago, the creator sat in his workshop. He had received disturbing reports of rifts being opened in between dimensions. Rifts that should never have existed. Unfortunately, the creator himself couldn't go interfere and close the rifts. So he came up with a genius idea. He would create a single being that could go and close the rifts in his stead.

  So he set immediately to work using ancient techniques that he'd almost forgotten. He soon finished and stepped back to examine his work. The being was of very short stature, just over four feet and it had hazy features that just seemed to shift all around. However the creator couldn't have been prouder. "Hello. Sewer." he whispered.

  The little Sewer looked up and blinked its constantly shifting eyes. "Hello." It squeaked. The Sewer's voice was still developing and presently was very highly pitched. The creator casually walked to the counter somewhat behind him and picked up a spool of golden thread. "Here Sewer. This struggle is very important. I need you to use this to close up the rifts for me. This spool will only have eight stitches in it. I need you to use this only for the rifts." he explained.

  "Ok!" the little Sewer chirped. It took the spool of thread and pocketed it. Next the creator withdrew a needle and he Sewer then pocketed that as well. Standing back, the creator smiled sadly; it was time. "Alright Sewer, this is it. Go out there and make me proud." he said. Walking over to the door of his vast workshop he opened the door. The Sewer hopped down from the work table and timidly stepped through the door.

  The Sewer felt scared. What if I'm not good enough? What if I can't close the rifts? All of these jumbled thoughts ran around. Suddenly millions of colors burst into the Sewer's vision, making it squeak in pain. The colors however faded and a new scene replaced it. Ice, ice was everywhere. There was nothing but an endless amount of it in every which direction. Shrieking winds blew the Sewer one way and another. It was a good thing that the Sewer suddenly seemed to transform. Thick fur sprouted the length of it's body. Dropping down and elongating, the Sewer felt instantly more equipped to the treacherous terrain. Sighing, the Sewer took the first steps of a very challenging journey.

  Step after painful step the Sewer walked. Fatigue didn't affect the Sewer and neither did the need to eat. So on and on it went. Day after say the terrain presented new challenges. Ice constantly imploded and the weather was most foul. Often the Sewer's limbs froze and it took forever to thaw. This routine was soon set as the says wore on. Finally after six miserable days the Sewer wondered if it was even going the right way. Getting up once more the Sewer began to walk. However it wasn't even seven steps before the ice cracked. The Sewer fell through the ice and tumbled down several feet before stopping.

  Getting up again, the Sewer came face to face with the rift. It cast and eerie golden glow around the edges and was roughly six feet wide and tall. Looking into it revealed the scene of a peaceful spring time meadow. The warm winds blowing through and hitting the Sewer's face. Fear once again struck. However the Sewer sucked it up and stepped through the rift. The familiar jumble of colors appeared and then quickly dissipated. The familiar shifting feeling started and then the thick fur retracted and were replaced with very smooth skin. Lovely auburn hair appeared and the Sewer felt it's facial features shift. There the Sewer was in the spring time meadow.

  Turning back to the rift, the Sewer produce the thread and needle. After fumbling a few times, the needle was primed. Quickly setting to work the Sewer closed the rift. The Sewer watched in awe as the thread began to glow and seal the rift together.

And so the first stitch was spent.

 "Wow, never seen that before."

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