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Rylee P.O.V

Stupid girl I kept snapping the whip against her skin leaving bleeding wounds my lip was busted and swelling. My anger getting the best of me she couldn't just do what I said could she NO! she didn't why must I always be the bad guy. I kept hitting her harder and harder until she passed out from all the pain I dropped the whip. Breathing hard my face was red with anger and blood was dripping down my chin I stood there for a few looking at her.

I left the room locking the door and leaving her there I went into the master bedroom taking off my bloody shirt tossing it away. I walked into the bathroom looked at my face I had a large amount of blood dripping off my eye and lip. I pulled out the first aid-kit gabbing the gauze pads out reaching down again for the alcohol. I opened the bottle pressed the gauze pad against the top and tipped the bottle slightly wetting it I brought it up to my face. Started cleaning my cut wincing a little I hit the top of the bathroom counter I wiped the cut clean bandaged it. Grabbing a clean piece of gauze I did the same cleaning my lip that split open.

Once I finished I drew a hot bath for myself filling the enormous tub with hot water grabbing some scented oils I drizzled them into the hot water. I took some bath salts sprinkled them into the tub letting them melt into the water. I started stripping off the rest of my clothes taking off my bra and boyshorts stepping into the tub. Emerging myself in the relaxing water closing my eyes when the tub was full enough I turned off the water. Closed my eyes again my thoughts drifted toward the girl again I grew angry. But then my thoughts drifted toward other things remembering how soft her skin felt on my fingers and the hardness of her nipples when I grabbed her breasts.

She liked it when my fingers found their way to her sex and rubbed it slowly I could feel wetness seep on my fingers. Her little pearl grew hard when I circled my finger on it underneath the sobs were tiny little moans coming out. My own fingers roamed down in between my legs moaning when my fingers touched my bare sex. The thoughts in my head grew more as my fingers found their way inside of me stroking my walls. Thinking about her tied up on my bed blindfolded her legs spread wide with my face buried deep inside her sex. Hearing the sounds she would make for me when my fingers are inside of her taking her all over this house.

The heat between my legs grew more intense as my fingers moved faster and harder reaching down with my other hand. I began to rub my hard bud with my fingers moaning louder my legs were shaking in the tub. I kept moving my fingers deeper and rubbing harder not ready to give in just yet I fantasized about having her wrists bound to the top of my. Headboard with me laying down as she straddled me sliding her little wet sex. Onto the cock of my strap-on with my hands gripping her ass spanking her hard as she rode me.

I screamed out feeling the rush of heat wash over me squeezing my sex around my fingers tightly when intensity of the orgasm hit me. I shook violently my breath was ragged I bit my lip wincing a little from the discomfort of the cut. On my lip I pulled my fingers out slowly dropping my arms to the sides of my body the blood in veins was on fire. My sex was still throbbing from all the pleasure my thoughts were still racing about the girl. I shot up in the tub suddenly guilt coming over me as I remembered how badly I had beaten her.

I jumped out the tub pulling the drain quickly not bothering with the towel I went into the closet grabbed two sets of clothing out. Putting on a shirt and some lose fitting pants I headed toward the room and opened the door. I turned on the lights the shame of what I had done hit me hard when I saw her lying there. She had a few deep lashings from the whip on her legs her face was bruised and swollen where I had hit her. Walking over to the bed I untied the restraints hearing noises come from her as she started to wake. Opening her eyes she shifted a little jumping away when she saw me there now I really felt bad she was afraid of me now and that isn't what I wanted.

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