Melissa repeated the process but the results were the same. Now that would have been completely normal if it weren't for the fact El was hot to the touch. She stood and searched through the cabinets until she found a cloth and soaked it in cold water.

El flinched as the cool material was placed over her eyes and relished the moments of relief it brought her. She sighed and sunk back into the depths of her mind. Her eyes fluttered closed and Melissa struggled to think of something to do to keep her from losing consciousness again. She wasn't sure if she'd wake up again.

"I know this is painful, but I need you to keep your eyes open." Melissa pleaded and grabbed her hand. El was escaping into herself to get away from what she was going through, but Melissa needed her to stay.

El's mouth open and she breathed in, "I'm okay. I'm just tired and it hurts. I think I'm just going to sleep for a little. I'll wake up I promise."

There was no time to argue and even if Melissa did El was no longer awake to listen. Melissa watched anxiously going against every motherly and doctorly instinct she had. She reached for El's hand and squeezed but the girl remained still, too still for Melissa's peace of mind, but she preferred it over the uncontrollable sobs and shaking.

Time seemed to creep by as they waited for Peter. Silence filled the room and Melissa worried someone would walk through the door and demand to know why a teenage girl was lying unconscious on the floor and not receiving treatment. How could she explain to her colleagues that what El had couldn't be scientifically explained but supernaturally? They'd probably laugh in her face and ask her what drugs she'd been taking. She huffed, or they'd more likely fire her and take away her license.

Now she was trying to be positive but she wasn't entirely sure she'd be able to pay bills and afford a roof over her son's head without a job. "These kids are going to be the end of me," she grumbled and gently shook El's shoulders. After a moment, the girl stirred awake from her fitful sleep.

"El, honey, you have to get up. We can't risk someone walking in and seeing you like this."

Her eyes opened and the vibrant hue of green in her irises had faded and was replaced with a glazed mask. It was almost as if she were absent from her own body. Melissa hesitated to say another word when the eerily blank stare was turned on her.

"I'll help you up," she finally said in a near whisper and reached for El's hand.

Their fingers touched and at first the sensation was a mere tingle on Melissa's skin. She was frozen in a crouch by El's side and the current pulsing into her prevented her from moving. Their eyes bore into one another and a heat nearly as intense as El's stare spread throughout Melissa's body.

She began to shake and convulse as a surge of energy circuited through her veins and attacked her organs. Her mouth opened to yell out but she couldn't produce a single sound.

Her heart pounded at an unhealthy speed and she swore any second it would burst through her chest. The searing sensation traveled from her head to toe but she couldn't bring herself to tear her hand away from El's grasp.

Melissa gurgled as she struggled to breathe, spitting red. Her body was shaking and the very blood in her veins was beginning to boil. Unable to move, she lay there wondering if these were her last moments.

Peter Hale dangerously swerved into Beacon Hills Memorial hospital earning him angry curses and inappropriate finger gestures.

He ran from his car nearly forgetting to turn off the engine as he took off in a sprint to the entrance. There were voices and noises echoing off the walls making it impossible for him to pinpoint El or Scott's mother. He lifted his nose slightly in the air and breathed in deep.

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