The Plan

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Maria's P.O.V
I woke up in kians arms. Yesterday was perfect. I rolled out of bed and kissed his forehead.

I walked downstairs in my underwear and shirt and went straight to the kitchen. I turned on the stove and started scrambling eggs.
Jasmine kept looking at me and walked up to me

Jasmine's P.O.V
I went up to Maria in the kitchen. Everyone was sleeping and i had a plan.
"Heeey, I gotta tell you something in private"
"Mkay sure what's up"
I grabbed her arm and brought her outside

Maria's P.O.V
jasmine kept acting weird. She dragged me outside to tell me something important.
"You have to promise me to keep this a secret before I tell you okay?"
"Okay. What's up"
"I'm planning on taking some money and leaving this place. I can't take them touching me. It's creepy."
"Jasmine....take me with you please."
"Of course love"

I was so happy. I couldn't take them touching me anymore. It was considered rape tbh. I get that they have an amazing life and they could do a lot of nice things for me but they do horrible things to me also.

"When are we leaving...?"
"Tonight. When everyone is sleeping. You have a free day and I have to sleep with Ricky."
I was terrified we were going to get caught
"What happened if they catch us"
"Then I'll tell them it was all my fault and I'll take our punishment"
"I can't let you do that"
"No more questions okay? Just have your stuff packed and put it in the BMW when no ones watching got it? I'll come into your room and get you when it's time"

Then the front door opened and showed all the boys. They look worried
"Omfg we were worried you had left"-Sam
There was sadness in all their eyes.
"Oh I'm sorry. We just need some fresh air"

I walked inside and served everyone burnt breakfast 😂
Omg I make to many excuses on why I'm barely on here 😂 I'm sorry babies. I love you all so much. Thanks for all the support. I'm so happy you guys actually read this.

I need to end this book tho tbh... But I promise I'm going to start another book. It might be depressing. Idk lol.

Anyways I love you all so much.

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