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Y/n were sent to the earth . She came out of nowhere. Then she saw the guy who is walking down the street and then the truck was about to hit Kyoya . But Y/n pushed Kyoya as she had a scratch .

"Thank you I'm Kyoya Ootori!"Kyoya said and smiled .

'What am I going to say ....' Y/n thought . She started to blush . "Don't mention it Ootori , I'm Y/n !"Y/n answered "You don't have a surname?"Kyoya asked "No house , no school ,no knowledge but known every single thing about humans"Y/n answered "For saving my life you'll be living with me"He said "Umm... Okay "As Y/n followed Kyoya to their Mansion .

Y/n were pretty amazed about the place .

"Oh.. Ootori Your house is very gigantic and pretty beautiful."Y/n said as Kyoya laughed "Come in !"He said as he opened a room where Y/n will be sleeping . "You'll be staying here take shower were going to do shopping "Kyoya said Y/n nodded.

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