IMPORTANT A/N +Thomas Brodie-Sangster Imagine ❤️

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Hey guys! So I've been gone REALLY LONG!
And if you haven't noticed already, I said I was taking a break until school was over. And the wait is over.

But I've lately gotten sincerely obsessed with Maze Runner... And have developed a tiny crush on Thomas Brodie-Sangster....
(A.k.a Newt)
And I just had to write this. (Because there's like no smut of him)
(Also, I had a cool idea, so I made it with Thomas instead because yeah... If you like it, I'll make a Mark version)
This is also the longest imagine I've EVER made, and that's mostly because I don't want to spam you guys with stories you don't want to read.
Hopefully you're in a fandom he's a part of.
(MR, GOT, e.t.c.)
I kind of felt bad about making you guys wait like 2 months for a new imagine, so I'm releasing a Mark chapter along with this 😊

Thomas POV
Casey was finally coming to London again, but this time, she was going to stay with me the entire summer. We had tried meeting up, but we got caught up over shooting Scorch Trials, so she promised me she'd return some other time.
Some other time was now, and I was ecstatic. I loved her so much she couldn't imagine, but I've never showed it. I don't want to ruin our friendship, so I never said anything.
I was tidying the kitchen when I heard my phone beep.

Casey 🌸:
Tommy, our plane is going to land in 30 minutes. I'll see you in an hour! 😊

I started to heat up. I thought her flight got delayed.
"That's just bloody great." I said with a sigh. I ran my fingers through my hair and looked around really quick.

Was everything in good shape?

I ran to her room. Happy colors and floral print just like she loved. I walked up to her nightstand, and saw the picture I had put of us at the beach in Santa Monica. I smiled at the memory.


We were both 23; that trip was almost 3 years ago. We had just met the Maze Runner cast a while before, so we went on a trip around California to spend time together. She and Kaya became good friends really quickly. I remember when they asked me who she was, and all I did was smile. She was my best friend, and I was trying to see if I could get her into the crew or something so I could see her more often. She still lived in the US with her roommate in LA, so it was hard to see her all the time.

But the only thing I could think of is how much she made me smile.

Soon I started to get back into reality and put the picture back. I fixed the covers really quick, then checked the bathroom. Shiny. Kitchen? Neat.

I was ready. All I had left was to wait a little bit and meet her at the airport in about half an hour.

20 minutes later, I went to the airport early to meet her as soon as possible. I approached the baggage area that said LA-London, and waited.

Soon enough, out came a tall girl with beautiful long brown hair. I smiled genuinely as she approached me. She ran up to me and gave me a hug.

"TOMMY!" She yelled out. A few people stared, but I didn't care.
"How have you been?" She asked, leaving the embrace. She had a huge smile on her face.
"I've been good, love. I'm better now that you're here." I said, smiling larger.
"Thanks, Tommy!" She said, hugging me once again. I wasn't complaining though.

After a little greeting and catching up between each other, we went to my car and got ready to drive home. But for some reason, I was sick to my stomach.... And I didn't know why, I just went with it and hoped the feeling would go away.

But it never did. The car ride was mostly silent, besides Casey calling her roommate and telling her she had landed. I had a gut-wrenching feeling something was going to happen, and it was bothering me. I wanted to ask her if anything happened, but I had to keep myself together.

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