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Dear reader,

It's my pleasure once again to write another novel that I concocted. As you may have known, I write based on my feelings at the moment hence, the plots of my stories come from random moments in my life when something strikes me emotionally and mentally. Anyways, before continuing I want to say that I am a humble writer who aspires to be a great one but mostly, I want to share my romance novels and their stories with the world. I've always believed in writing to express and I try my best to express what I feel through words and a book.

I also try my best to write based on how I am feeling and that is the problem because I tend to not have the inspiration or 'oomph' to write which takes a lot of time on my part, to sum up. However, whenever I do, well blow me away, I'll write pages for you based on one emotion if need be. On the other hand, in terms of this book, I came across this story whilst learning about wine in an etiquette class. Even though I have never tasted wine, I just love the way red wine looks and how many persons have described the distinct rich taste of it. Hence, I found the title 'Nagging Addiction' suitable because that's what red wine is like to me in my mind. So, with a devious plan in my hands, I came up with a story.

Also, there had been an incident in my personal life that spiked my emotions, and so it gave me the extra 'oomph' as I have said to write this story. So without further ado, I want to brief you on the content of this book. Note, if you have read my previous books like I've said- I write based on my feelings and impulse, hence I might include mature content and adult rated language. Hence, read at your own cost. Before I let you continue, I'll leave you with my very own personal quote. "Live your life to the fullest and always pursue your dreams". 

All my love,

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