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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 5- Chapter 5: Leaving my love, my life for my newfound destiny- edited

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 Chapter 5: Leaving my love, my life for my newfound destiny

I went back to school two days after I found out about my heritage and one day after me and Eric declared our love for each other. I knew I was moving to England as soon as October half-term came round so that left me a few weeks to tell everybody that they probably wouldn’t me again.

Eric and I have been inseparable for the past day, I didn’t see how I was supposed to leave him for my new found destiny isn’t my soul mate more important, well ok it is but I don’t want to leave him.

At school*******************************************************

I walked up to Eric, “hey honey, how are you?”I asked him, leaning closer to him to give him a passionate kiss once he pulled back after people started wolf whistling (the jocks) he said “I’m fine darling you?” I just nodded my fine as he put his arm around my waist pulling me to his side and we walked to class like that, the whole day at school I just told everyone I was moving to England and all the boys were upset as were all the girls in the school they were actually crying their eyes out because they were so sad.

My mum called when I got home and said she had to work late so I invited Eric in as he drove me home as my mum dropped me off at school today, my car broke down.

We went up to my room and talked about stuff about England like where I’m going to be living but also about my powers, when he asked I showed him what I could do by turning a glass full of water into ice, he was shocked and awed but when I looked into his eyes I saw love and wonder and I knew then that I wasn’t just leaving my life I was leaving my love for my new found destiny.

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