Chapter 1: Rey

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Luke POV

After a long day of training my young padawans I was utterly exhausted. The younglings were often restless being so far from home, but really did seem to love the temple. It made me so proud to be their master! I was training an entirely new generation of bright young minds!

Smiling to myself I walked up to a blank brick wall. Focusing on the forces energy, I disassembled the bricks, reassembling them into a staircase which led down to my room. I walked down into the room that wasnt quite well lit since some of the candles seemed to have went out.

My eyes took in what little the light had shown me of my room. A huge king sized bed took up much of the room with its golden posts and red comforters that fell slightly to the ground. The walls were hard stones that protected against intruders. The room was barren with no windows or homey decor accept the desk in the corner which was piled with books about the force.

I went over to the closet and changed into my sleeping robes. Quite tired I stretched contorting my muscles feeling sweet relief. Stretching out onto the bed, pulling the bed sheets over me, I let the sweet embrace of sleep take over.

As I slept I felt a pull dragging deeper into the depths of my subconscious and the force. A quick sharp throbbing pain took over my head as a force vision took hold of me.

With a bright flash I saw the image of a little crying baby. She was all alone, and ever so sad. I could feel the force surrounding her in such large quantities it was nauseating.

The vision shifted to the little girl in my jedi temple. She held a blue lightsaber ablaze and was sparring with one of my most promising disciples, ben. She gave him a quick smile and they clashed sending a blinding light taking me to a new vision of the little girl sobbing in the rain.

The ground was muddied from the downpour. A cloaked person in a mask walked over to her with a crackling cross guard saber. The girl whispered to the masked man, "Don't let the darkness consume you.... come back to the light... come back to your friend."

The vision shifted to an older girl that seemed to float endlessly in space. Rays of darkness and light emanated from her body. She began to fade away being replaced by Master Yoda.

"Luke! Luke!" His voice boomed and rang as he sat peacefully staring at me.

I looked at him curiously, "yes master yoda?"

"Luke you must protect and train her!" He explained solemnly.

Luke nodded earnestly as yoda continued, "However, I sense her destiny is entangled with darkness!"

Shocked I yelled, "You mean she will be a sith!" The sweet image of the little girl popped into my head... she couldn't be..."

Yoda shook his head and explained, "You misunderstand me child.... yet, It seems I have run out of time as she is already here..." He faded away as I woke up yelling, "What do you mean!"

With shaky breaths I pushed myself out of bed. Beads of sweat covered me as I tried calming myself. I took a deep breath and left my room, needing some fresh air, heading outside.

As I walked through the temple halls, they were oddly quiet. The stone halls echoed the sound of my feet walking on the creaking wooden floors. After a couple of twists and turns I found the front doors and threw them open breathing in the fresh night air. The salty smell of the ocean the island was on, wafted into my nose smelling so different than the once sandy planet I had once lived on.

The cry of a baby filled my ears making me look down. On the steps of the temple lie a little baby girl with thin brown hair covering her head, and big brown eyes that sparkled in the moonlight. I picked the baby up and looked around outside. The grassy Island was quiet and lifeless until a Gust of wind blew the green grass and trees.

I went to pick up the little girl when I felt the force surrounding her, hitting me like a frieght train. The blast made me somewhat unbalanced until I steadied myself, making myself accustomed to the force she let off. She was quite powerful indeed. I picked up the crying girl and held her in my arms. After resting in my arms for a minute she quieted down falling peacefully asleep. I went back into the temple closing the door and went to the storage closet in the dorm hall. I grabbed a blanket swaddling the little girl in a blanket.

I quietly walked through the dorm careful not to wake the children.Walking to the communications room I could see a soft glow coming from under the door. Inside I could hear my sister's voice over the com, "BEN ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T NEED ANYTHING!"

Ben mumbled back, "I'm fine, I just want to talk to you since you're always so busy..."

She responded back cheerfully, "I miss you to my little benny-kins."

I walked into the room bursting into laughter. Ben jumped back startled from his chair, startled by my interruption. He mumbled to me, "Im sorry Im up past curfew master.... I just wanted to talk to my mom, since she so busy during the day."

I smiled at him with a mix of compassion and pity and said in a polite manner, "Of course, feel free to do so, however I need to talk to your mother."

He arched an eyebrow at me looking at the baby in my arms asking, "what's up with the baby?"

Before I could even respond, leia cut me off by shouting enthusiastically, "Luke is that you! Where is this adorable baby you speak of!" She got closer toward the camera as if she could change the camera view through pure will.

I walked behind ben holding the baby out toward the camera so Leia could see.  She let out a bunch of incomprehensible baby talk I couldn't even begin to understand. Ben looked over his shoulder at the baby. His eyes lit up captivated with the miracle of life captured in the baby's eyes.

Leia's words became comprehensible again when she asked me, "What have you decided to name her?"

"I've given it some thought and decided on rey!" I said grinning.


I laughed at her outburst and explained, "She was left on the palace door steps tonight. With no lineage she may even come from a lineage of kings, hence the name king!"

Leia rolled her eyes at me and said, "Well what did you want to talk about Luke?"

I responded back quizzically "Ahhh well... I was wondering.... What do you need to raise a baby?"

Leigha threw her hands to her face shaking at my stupidity. She mumbled, "I will send everything you need by morning, but right now I have to go to a meeting."

Ben looked away from the baby and frowned at his mother whispering goodbye as he shut off the Com sighing. He looked into my eyes and complained, "She's always so busy!"

Not sure what to say back I went up and ruffled the boy's dark black hair In a fatherly way. He gave me a small smile as I walked away motioning for him to follow.

After we are out in the hall I hand the little girl over to ben. He holds her awkwardly in front of him and then asks me, "What are you doing, I don't know how to hold her?"

I went over and corrected his arms positioning them into a cradling position explaining, "I'm going to take the scout ship to get some of the basics from the nearby market planet."

He looked between the baby and me and said, "ehhh... you can't leave me with her!"

Sighing I explained, "Think of it as an assignment." I ran off to the shipyard leaving an angry ben behind me who mumbled to the baby, "What am I supposed to do with you!" as the baby giggled in his arms. With quick strides I reached the shipyard leaving Ben to take care of the new addition to the temple.

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