Chapter 7 : Help?

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{Alex's P.O.V}


My eyes flutter open to see Emma in my face. "GAH FUCK!" I rolled out of bed on the floor. "Good morning sleepyhead." She hummed. "How did you get in?!" I got up rubbing my head. "Your mom let me in!" She grinned tossing me a shirt speaking I only had shorts on. My face went red as I threw on the shirt. I sat on my bed flustered getting that warm feeling I had last night, I brought my fingers up to my lips and traced them again then sighed. "Whats wrong ?" She said plopping next to me.

"Yesterday after you guys left I took my little sister Alyssa to the park and saw Jordan. While she was on the swings he came up to me and kissed me.." I groan burying my red face.

"Oh hell no! That boy does not need to take the innocence outta you. Why the hell would he kiss you?!" She pondered.

"I dont know..He said it was a joke." I looked up.

"Maybe we should go to the park and see if he will show up again..?"  She jumped up looking at me. "I wonder why he said joke though? I suppose it may be a trick to mess with your emotions, Do you feel any different?"

"I-I guess we could, but what are the odds he will be there again?" I paused, "I cant tell if I feel any different though..." I slowly got up.
There we were, I was wandering around the park aimlessly hoping not to see Jordan again while Emma stayed back keeping an eye out in the distance. Thats when my eyes locked on him doing pull ups on the monkey bars. "Eyes on the target." I say into the small walkie talkie she made me bring along. "Now just sit on a bench listening to music and lets see what happens.." She replies.

I sat on the bench listening to music gazing in the opposite direction. It felt like forever when I felt a familiar tap on my shoulder and my ear buds being ripped out. "Geez hello to you too." I roll my eyes. "Still following me Alex ?" He grinned mischievously. "Following? This is a public park Jordan, I usally come here with my sister." I paused with a long breath, "what was that kiss about yesterday for?" His grin only grew. "Oh that, I already told you dumbass it was a joke it meant nothing." He laughed, "why did you think it meant something? I could kiss you many times and it would mean nothing. Like this." Before his lips crashed into mine I noticed a blush on his face for the second time. His soft warm lips were back on mine, this time I grabbed his collar and kissed him back taking him by surprise. He pulled back looking away. "Why the fuck did you kiss me back you queer!" He lowly growled. I raised an eye brow smirking, "Your calling me a queer when you the "Straight guy here" fucking kissed me the gay one here on his own terms!" I lightly laughed. His face only grew redder, "I don't like cunts like you okay! It was a joke accept it dumbass.'' He rolled his eyes but took a deep breath, "I need your help with something though.." He mumbled softly looking at the pavement. I grinned, ''Uh what was that?" I sat up from the bench. He clenched his fist, "You bloody heard me!" He gritted through his teeth. "Nuh-uh." I stated. His eyebrows furrowed together as he grabbed the collar of my T-Shirt lifting me  slightly, "I need your bloody fucking help!" He growled dropping me. "With what?" I smirked. "I need help with this girl I like.." He said lowly. "Why are you asking me?! Hello?! Have you forgotten I have no lady experience?!" I crossed my arms glaring. "Well you gay fags act like women, so I figured you would know! But I need help maintaining a relationship, I would ask some friends of mine but they only fuck chicks. Plus you've been with a few guys." He looked at me with pleading eyes. "I cant fucking believe you." I was about to storm off when he grabbed my arm, "If you help me then Ill forget about your secret." I pulled my arm away, "If that's your twisted way asking for help forget it" I stormed over to Emma.

"So. What  happened?" She asked concerned by the look on my face. My expression softened and I sighed, "lets cut this short he said it was really a joke then kissed me again to prove it and he likes a girl and ASKED for MY HELP?!" I clenched my fist. "Maybe if you help him then he will finally hook up with that chick and leave you be!" She stops in the middle of the sidewalk. "No, why the hell would I ever do that when he caused me hell. He can suffer longer till he can learn to ask for help properly." I growled.

"YO, Walker!" I hear a similar voice call from behind me. I turn around to see the blue eyes I know so little about. "What do you want Jordan." I huff out of frustration. He grabbed my hands placing something that feels like a small old piece of paper. "Text me if you change your mind, please?" His warm big hands left my small ones once more. I lightly nod looking at Emma, "Im gonna head home." She nodded.

Almost home I was about to cross the street when my hand was grabbed, I look back looking to see Jordan, He was hiding his face. "Please..Help me. I really like this girl, and I really need your help. I promise your secret will blow over if you help me" I looked down at our hands pulling mine away. "Ill think about it." I turned away continuing to walk home.
It was dinner time when I sat at the table with my mother and sister. It was silent till my mother broke the silence.

"So how was your day Alex." My mother asked.

"Eh..." I groaned.

"Mommy! My day was great! Harley, Frankie and I caught a frog! We named it Tip" She squealed.

"Thats nice Alyssa! are your friends? What did you and Emma do today?" She asked.

"They'er fine. We went to the park." I mumbled.

"And you didnt bring me?!!" My sister whined.

My mother laughed before cleaning off the table. I went up staring at my ceiling, thinking. 

'Maybe if you help him then he will finally hook up with that chick and leave you be!'

I sigh, tracing my lips again. The memory still fresh in my mind. I sigh picking up my phone pulling out the small slip off paper.

"Ill Do it."

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