24. first meeting (full chap.)

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today was the day.

the boys and solar would land in an hour and blue was nervous as shit, she had told the boys - except for hoseok, that she didn't want to meet them right now. but they would still protest and even threaten her, especially kim taehyung and park jimin.

so now, blue evans was sitting in a coffee shop a few minutes away from the airport and drank from her iced americano. her legs were shaking under the table as she stared down at her phone, reading the messages the boys were sending to her.

taehyung: if you won't hug me then i'll hit you right in the face

blue let out a small laugh and replied to him with, 'game on' and then locked her phone. she was actually really excited to meet the boys, but she wasn't excited to meet the boy she had feelings for's girlfriend. blue didn't have anything against his girlfriend, but she knew her heart was going to break into million pieces when she would see hoseok maybe hold hands with the girl and kiss her.

blue didn't realize that an hour had already passed until her phone started to vibrate, she looked down at it and read the caller id. taehyung. she bit her lip before picking up, she pressed her phone against her ear and leaned back. ''hello?'', she said and taehyung breathed out. ''where the hell are you? we've been looking for you in fifteen minutes now!'', taehyung exclaimed in his cute accent and blue gaped, but let out a small giggle. ''i'm in a coffee shop, it's called 'sundays' and it's a few minutes away from the airport. meet me here, bye. love you'', she said and then hung up on him.

she turned to look at her almost empty cup and sighed, before she grabbed a hold on it and drank the rest of the liquid. she stared through the windows at the cherry blossom trees that were swaying back and forth with tired eyes and played with her fingers, her whole body was shaking in nervousness.

''bluue evans, my true love!'', an all too familiar voice roared in the shop and blue's head whipped to look at the entrance, she was met by the seven tall boys and a small girl hiding behind him. blue rose from her chair and started to make her way to them, but she got stopped by taehyung who rushed to the girl and pulled her into a tight hug.

blue immediately hugged him back and buried her head into his neck, sniffing him. oh my god, taehyung smelt so good. ''you're here, i can't believe it'', taehyung murmered into her hair and started to rock her back and forth in his arms, he pressed a friendly kiss on her temple and smiled widely. ''kim taehyung, you're making me cry. aish'', blue whispered, a tear was now rolling down her cheek and a big smile was plastered on her lips, taehyung wiped the tear away from her with his thumb before letting her go. you guys may now think, why is she acting like that with taehyung? let me tell you, taehyung was her second best friend after hoseok, and he also meant a lot to her. taehyung would always be there for her when hoseok wasn't or when she didn't feel good, they would always talk to each other on the phone in hours and send weird pictures to each other on snapchat. the rest of the boys had always questioned them if they were a thing, but they weren't.

the next one was park jimin who attacked her in a hug, he giggled loudly as he pulled up her body from the ground and did a few spins as they hugged before letting her down again. he put his hands on her shoulders and shot her a big smile. ''blue evans, you look even more shitty but cute in real life than you do in photos'', jimin teased as he stroked her shoulders with his hands and blue scoffed playfully at him, before wiggling away from his hold. ''no more hugs for you, fuckface'', blue stated with a small smirk and jimin scoffed. ''like i wanted more hugs, shitface'', jimin shot back as he crossed his arms and stuck out his tongue, the boys and blue laughed at his behavior.

then, jeon jungkook pulled her into a hug and blue laughed before hugging him back. ''hello, shortyyyyy'', jungkook murmured to her and let go of her, blue huffed at his nickname for her but poked his cheeks. ''aw, little jungkookie is actually tall. naw, i don't have to protect you through text anymore'', blue teased him before moving to the oldest, kim seokjin and wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. seokjin smiled and hugged her back, patting her back before letting her go. she examined his hair and she gaped. ''oh my god, you actually dyed your hair'', she commented and seokjin nodded, he pulled a hand through his hair. ''yes, i did'', he said.

blue moved to the one and only min yoongi and smiled at him, before stretching out her hand to him for a handshake. yoongi frowned at her, but he grabbed her arm and dragged her into his arms. ''you thought you would get no hugs from me, huh?'', yoongi asked blue and she chuckled, she pulled away from his arms and patted his head. ''oh my god, we both are short'', she said and yoongi pursed his lips at her, he shook his head. ''i'm actually taller than you, now leave'', he said before lightly pushing her to namjoon.

namjoon sent her a wide smile, which made her blush deeply, before he hugged her and she of course hugged him back. ''what's 5.43 multiplied by two?'', was the first thing she asked the boy, she really wanted to know if he was fast at counting and solving problems like he bragged to her a month ago. ''10.86'', namjoon answered her after a few seconds and pulled away from her, he had a shit eating smirk on his face and blue impressively rose her eyebrows. ''i hate math'', jungkook suddenly stated behind them and blue shot jungkook a glare, which made him shut up.

and then, i turned to look at him. jung hoseok. my breath hitched in my throat as i watched the awfully handsome man infront of me, he was so beautiful. he looked.. unreal. 

finally, i pulled him into the biggest hug and buried my head into his shoulder. a silent sob left my lips and hoseok gasped, before wrapping his arms around blue's waist tightly and held her closely. tears started to stream down his face and he hugged her even tighter.

they stood like that for a while and he even rocked her back and forth as the rest of the boys watched them in happiness and amusement, even hoseok's girlfriend watched them with a soft smile on her face. cute, she thought to herself. hoseok pulled away and stared down at her with glimmering eyes, like he was staring at the love of his life. blue stared back at him and hoseok smiled softly. ''hi'', he whispered as he stroke her hips with his thumbs. ''hi'', she replied to him in a hushed tone and a blush crept on her cheeks and neck.

hoseok blushed under her stare and backed away, before he grabbed the girls hand and looked between blue and her. ''blue, this is my girlfriend solar'', he told blue and blue frowned, but covered it up with an 'excited' smile. ''ahh, really? hi, it's nice to meet you!'', blue exclamied and smiled at solar, solar smiled back to blue. ''it's really nice to meet you too! hoseok and the boys has told me a lot of good things about you'', solar replied and blue chuckled, before nodding.

''blueeeeee, can we go to your place or something? but we need to buy snacks and booze first'', taehyung asked blue and the boys and solar let out their pleads, she turned to look at him before nodding. ''everyone won't fit in my car though, so some of y'all have to call a taxi. and i've already got the snacks and booze in my house'', blue said and they all cheered.

''but first, we need to order some coffée right now, because damn i really want coffee now''



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