RULES (Read them Please)

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Okidoke, time to get down to the dirty details, grab onto your AMBULONGS and prepare yourselves for the ultimatum!

Ask them. :V

Shipping requests:

Alright in this category of requests I'll take anything from TRANSFORMERS, Undertale, Homestuck, SPACEDANDY, and even to some Anime's I've seen... If I haven't seen them or heard of them, whale we'll talk about that...

Please don't smush totally different fandoms together either, for example: Megatron/Mettaton will never EVER happen (Even as much as we might shamefully want it too...) or Karkat/Shinichi from Parasyte.

I won't do NSFW, suggestive scenes or kissy scenes may be a go depending on how far you want to take it, but no NSFW scenes. NO DIRTY DANCIES WITH NO PANTSIES. PERIOD. I don't like unwanted or forced advances either, I won't acknowledge or take requests involving those situations.

Thirdly I won't do OC/Canon characters if there isn't a good story behind it, your character happens to be ridiculously out of context for the Canon character at hand, or lastly if your character happens to be every color in existence or galaxy themed; so don't be butt hurt if I tell you no.

Normal Requests:

Same as shipping, no NSFW, I'm okay with drawing characters in maid lolly dresses because that crap is hilarious; no excessive blahdiblah; and you can put the characters in little funny/sad situations, hell even dare to put a flower crown on Vos from the transformers IDW series.


I might creat contests for you all to compete in if I'm not lazy, prizes might mean I'll draw and interpretation of your OC or some sort of personal request that isn't too difficult or out of reach of my expertise.

Commissions/Art Trades

Commissions/Art Trades will basically go like this, you make an art piece for me I make an art piece for you. No one gets hurt.


please. Please. PLEASE report any and all Art thieves. Art thievery is frustrating and insulting to the owner of the art, not to mention fans too.

Ask before you use, and credit the source, don't just take it for yourself you jerkbag.

Other Generic Rules and things no one probably wants to read:

Lastly I'll only pick a few requests per chapter or post I put up, which'll be 1-3 so I'm not buried in a metric gigaton (Is that even a real term?) of requests.

The requests I make for you are yours to keep, and do with whatever you please, just credit me somewhat, and leave my watermark.

I may or may not take about 1-2+ weeks for each piece depending on the complexity of the request, so please if I've already picked your request be patient and don't message me demanding for your request to be fulfilled. I have a life that might get in the way sometimes, and if you irritate me I'll add a week or two to the process just to piss you off, because I'm an ass like that.

I will not tolerate harassment of any kind to other users or myself. We're all here to have a good time so shut your trap if someone's OTP is your NOTP, I don't care and no one else does either for your whining.

This book will welcome any LGBQT requests and users (I myself am a Pan), and will be a safe place for anyone dealing with mental illness(es).

I'll offer any advice if wanted or warranted, but please be warned I'm terrible at giving it.

My deviant art is PredaNinja, PredaNinja is me, I am not stealing my own art. Also my tumblr is knightcoconuts, my tumblr is definitely not stealing from me... Please don't go on their either. It's a dark place. •-•

I use my real initials to sign my works.

Alright, enough with these rules and me being a generic dirtbag, let's get started. •3•

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