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Author's Note:

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Dear Readers:

I'm going to be honest and say that this is the first time I'm ever putting something this in writing but I've been thinking of doing this FOREVER and decided to give it a go. And yes, this is a hardcore adult erotica story so if your're not into that sort of thing I would suggest that you not read any further . . . Things are going to get a bit intese for the faint hearted . . . Also this has definitely not been edited so it is really roughly done on a few places but I will get around to doing it when I finish the story, so don't judge me too harshly on that either . . . 


If you have, however, decided to join this little perv club . . . CONGATS!!

I'm glad you have decided to step out of the norm here on Wattiepad and join me on my journey through my dirty imagination . . .

I hope that you will enjoy it and keep an open mind since I have never shared these fantasy's of mine with anyone, let alone strangers. I'm also wanting you guys to share your fantasy's with me so that I might try to incorparate it into this story or the one following this one . . . 

I don't offend all that easily so say whatever's on your mind and I will take what you commented into consideration . . . but if you do get offensive I will get rude back and I'm sure my minions would tear into you too . . . Just a friendly warning! :)

I also can't upload everyday since I work but I do try to get a chapter done as soon as I possibly can so please don't hound me to upload continuously . . . Like, seriously DON'T . . . Also if I do write a note or something it usually is immportant so just skim through it if you can because it just saves so much of my time if I don't have to answer questions I have already answered before they were even asked ...

Also if you can think of any songs you rate suits this story or a certain chapter, let me know and I'll check it out . . . Maybe even put it up . . . And don't be shy to make covers or banners, I ADORE getting them! Makes me feel like you guys are really into the story and all that jazz . . . And on that note I would also just like to say that the book cover was made by super special Lie-To-Me and the one on the side was made by the fabulous iBreakHearts!!

P.S Don't get offended by my nicknames please! It's just the way I speak which comes through when I'm writing something for you ...

Anyways! I hope you guys like it!!

MomoBear Out!

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